Sunday, October 25, 2009

21st Anniversary...

...of my 29th birthday, today. Unbelievable. But it is true. Spoke to DS who said, "Mom you need to send an e-mail to all the talk shows. Let them know that it is the first time in man-kind that a Mom and Son have been almost the same age." [DS turns 29 in January. So, right now, he's just some ten weeks younger. Or, that is how I figure it, with my math. You know, kind of the same way they are doing the math with the whole health care debacle. I digress.] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you want that pool table for Christmas, DS? If so, you just hush. "Do you want a time out?" "That's it. You are grounded!" Oh my gosh, how many years it has been since I uttered those words.

Had a lovely day, though. No complaints. DH had a card on the table, waiting for me, when I got up this morning. So sweet. [He doesn't always remember...] And then he got me flowers, too. Lillies. The kind that smell soooo good! That look fabulous in a purple vase. Vah-zz... We're not going out to dinner or doing anything special tonight because there is a 5P mandatory pilot meeting. What's that about? 5P. Screws up the entire day. We'll go to Bahrain for dinner next week so I can drink a $50.00 bottle of grape juice Woodbridge with some Italian food... Really, DH got off easy this year. Did not have to shop or do anything special. I'm getting my present in February when I will return to the States to visit Dr. Au. [Pronounced "ow." What kind of name is that for a plastic surgeon?] I promise, before and after photos. If you're going to do it - and everyone knows you're going to do it - no sense in keeping it a secret insofar as pictures go.

Cleaned out my closet today. Bought all those new shoes - and TWO pairs of purple boots - in the States that I had to make room for. And, since none of the clothes I have now are going to fit come March... They will all be much too big in one place, and much too small in another. Had The Baby at my side the entire day - as she is now. She is still on 24/7 leash or crate with hood [Elizabethean collar], and will be for another week or so. Then she will be free. Honestly, I don't think she even has a clue as to why she is being "locked up" in her crate at night, or on a leash and at my side otherwise. In her mind she is probably thinking, "What did I do that I am being punished like this! Don't you realize that I am The Pretty Princess?" World's most expensive dog toy - a soft fur covered squeaky ball - that had to be removed from your stomach. That's why!

Life is good. Happy Anniversary to Me...


  1. Let's see: the 21st anniversary of your 29th birthday, so that means you're REALLY old...

    Happy bday and many happy returns.

    You know me as Steve Harkonnen but I'm here letting people know my book is now released:

  2. May be time to upgrade to the eleventh aniversary of the 39th, but i ain't going to push you or your doorbell this week. May happy returns of the day!


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