Monday, November 23, 2009

Serious Question

If the POS who shot FOURTEEN innocent people at Fort Hood and wounded many others is paralyzed from the chest down how can he be in "severe pain?" Really. He cannot move his lower two-thirds of his body, right? Nerve damage or something - caused by bullets - but he is in "severe pain?" I think someone is trying to elicit sympathy.

Severe pain is what the families of his victims are dealing with right now. My sympathies are with them.

The man will never suffer enough in my book. I hope pain killers are being limited to a daily aspirin - if. Oh, and since he resigned from gainful employment the day he took a gun and went on his rampage - doesn't this mean he no longer has that medical insurance coverage? Who is footing the bill for him to get this "constant medical attention" he is receiving at the intensive care unit at whatever hospital he is in? Never mind. As with many things unjust, it is us, the taxpayers, who are footing the bill... Just like we will foot the bill for his "fair" trial and all that crap, too.

Seems that I am not alone in my thinking on this... Read some of the comments, here. Interesting that out of some 150 comments only just a small handful are "sympathetic" to the alleged [snark!] murderer.

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