Monday, November 09, 2009

Interesting. Take a look at this.

"Infiltrators to face death." Easy. Just as simple as that. For all its faults - and what country doesn't have some - or many - I have to say at least Saudi Arabia has demonstrated that it has some brass ones. Compare that with the pansy-ass United States authorities which say "infiltrators" have should be allowed to stay and get jobs and educations and government health care - or in the most recent instance - given the title of Major in the Army. And of course since we can't kill them, and sending them home is out of the question, instead we allow them to bring their families and friends. Saudi Arabia is tough on crime, and, apparently, tough on "infiltrators." Infiltrators. Illegal aliens. Same same.

I have no idea what the conflict is between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Too many hard core radicals - rebels - in Yemen trying to enter Saudi Arabia and shake things up? I don't know. Something to do with Al Qaeda. But Saudi Arabia isn't having any of it, and has given "Houthi rebels a stern warning... they would face death if they tried again to infiltrate into the Kingdom." Reminds me an awful lot of so many instances where in the United States "infiltrators" AND "illegal aliens" have entered and instead of being shot on sight, Americans are killed. We know for sure that the chump sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now - along with his minions - certainly doesn't possess the brass ones to make a change. We are going to have to wait until 2012.

Conversely, Saudi Arabia has some of the same problems that the United States has. Bloated government. Perhaps they are trying to emulate the U.S. more than they let on [which means they'll have to start letting "infiltrators" in to stay!]. "210,000 Saudis have been given government jobs" during the past five years. Along with a lot of ex-pats. Best not to complain about that too much. DH works for a government company... Government here, though, is completely different than government in the United States. Monarchy versus democracy.


  1. In the US, the penalty for treason was the death sentence. Thanks to the warm, fuzzy tree huggers, now traitors get life imprisonment,(maybe), all on the tax payers dime. I'm not that great at math, but even I can figure out that 50 cents worth of lead is a lot cheaper than life with 3 hots, a cot, cable TV, a gym, etc,etc,etc....

  2. You hit the nail spot on the head with that, Linda!!! It is only going to get worse. Yet, nancy pelosi under the direction of the jeja is willing to throw INNOCENT people in jail for NOT paying for health insurance which they probably cannot afford or they WOULD be paying for it. Insanity IS ruling over there. It is beyond my wildest comprehension...

  3. The infiltrators coming from Yemen are not like the Mexicans at your borders
    They are those belonging to al qaeda who tried to kill the min of int son and who can put a bomb in a mall any time, probably with the help of Iranians in Yemen
    You can compare them to al qaeda and talibans in Afghanistan which is why nato forces are there to fight, at least that's the official reason

  4. Balqis: Hundreds of Al Q sympathisers have walked across the mexican/arizona border to join friends in Phoenix. Plenty of mall bombs are being built in the basements around my country. We know what is coming.

    The north yemen government allows Al Q trainning in their army bases, and lets them blood the new recruits killing southern civilians. So long as Iran keeps backing the south, Saudi money will keep funding the north, but when Yemen is done putting down this rebellion they'll send a constant stream of assassins at the royal family of KSA. Sooner or later someone will have to do something about the corrupt government of Yemen, and by someone i mean the US Marines.
    (sorry to get all realpoltik here, Sabra. Been reading lot of the report d'Jawa.)

  5. No need for an apology, vd. Thanks for explaining the situation for me. Especially since I can't get to Rusty's place - it is blocked.

  6. The US marines have already done a lot around the world and we're seeing the results
    Actually geopolitics are changing and the world is moving to a multipolar scheme hopefully with better results
    Saleh government is still in place because Gulf governments [backed by the Americans] are not moving a finger for now [as always] nor willing to accept them within the GCC


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