Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All lawyered up.

And ready to go. Who is Col. John P. Galligan (Retired), anyway? And WHY someone tell me would a RETIRED COLONEL even consider representing someone who KILLED FOURTEEN people in cold blood? Traitor. All I can say is that Nidal Hasan's family must be paying some pretty big bucks to the guy. Why else would he even consider taking the case of trying to defend someone who was nothing more than a cold-blooded gutless murderer?!! And, if the family has that much money, then the family needs to be paying the U.S. back the $400,000.00 - or whatever it cost - for the education that Hasan received courtesy of the American tax-payers. Along with compensating the families of the victims for their loss. Already, before a hearing has been held on what charges Hasan will face - besides MURDER - Mr. Galligan is getting ready to pay the insantity "card." Not that anything less should be expected. The insanity "card," the racism "card." Whatever "card." HOW ABOUT SOME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! Ooooh. This just pisses me off.

On a positive note John Allen Muhammed, who along with an accomplice, killed ten people at random is set to be executed today [if he hasn't already been executed]. The murders took place NINE years ago! Nine years this POS has been getting housed, being fed, received legal counsel and a slew of other "benefits" [cable television, use of a gym, medical care, etc.] courtesty of the U.S. tax-payers. I'll say this - I've said it before - the justice system in Saudi would never have allowed nine years to pass before executing beheading a criminal of this magnitude. There certainly is something to be said about the efficiency of the judicial system, here. [What is interesting to note about this POS is that very little was ever reported as to his reasons for killing innocent people. The whole "elephant in the room" thing that for "politically correct" reasons must never be mentioned.]

And, now, Nidal Hasan is going to be given the same amount of time... If not longer. Will he be given the death sentence? Nah. Probably not. Too many wusses sitting on court benches in the United States. Life maybe. Probably less than that. It will be his mental condition - the insanity defense - or his race... [Race!?!! He is an American for goodness sakes. Race has nothing to do with it.] Oh look. There's another elephant. Something. Justice will NOT be served.


  1. My condolences to the lives lost in this horrific calamity. I dont know who Col. John P. Galligan is, but in a democracy like the U.S or India, everybody has the right to legal counsel, even cold blooded murderers. That is why in India we are paying for the trial of Ajmal Kasab, the man who held Mumbai hostage to terrorism not so long ago.

    And sometihng that has been troubling me... your latest post reads like murder and mayhem is caused only by Muslims. Not So. You have lived in Saudi Arabia. Do all Mulims there seem like bloodthirsty conquerors to you?

    The middle ages was the time of the church to flow rivers of blood in the name of Christ. Now, it is the time of some muslim zealots. But it does not mean that the middle ages had all bad Christians and now, all muslims are terrorists.

    An Indian, a Hindu

  2. Shit, I say give the guy the best legal defense money can buy. I'd donate, so we can ensure there is one less reason he can appeal an inevitable guilty sentence. We've spent enough on the guy already, I don't want to fund unnecessary appeals.

  3. The DC sniper spree was in 2002, but yes, seven years is still too long. One way of stretch out this time is to claim mistrial for having an incompetant defence attourny. If you want to make certain the guilty party is declared guilty in our courts he needs a real lawyer: justice means not that the right and wrong are determined, but that everyone has an equal chance before the judge. So yes, a good man will serve as the attourny for a bad one, just like when John Adams defended the british soldiers after the Boston Massacre in 1773.

    As a side note, if a commanding officer were to denounce the defendant before the trial as firmly as you have the defence would move for aquittal on grounds of "command interferance". Obama may be witholding comment because he doesn't give a damn about the deaths of US soldiers and would rather be playing golf, but a competant, caring Commander in Chief would actually do the same thing to avoid a mistrial. In civilian courts that would be "prejudicing the jury".)

  4. Justice would be a firing squad.
    All this BS about his PTSD by proxy makes me want to scream. As a grief counselor, for over 3 years, I can say that the 4 months he was a counselor would not cause PTSD.
    Truth be told.....I don't care if he did have PTSD. It is not an excuse for cold blooded murder of unarmed people.

  5. Anonymous / Moi:

    "And sometihng that has been troubling me... your latest post reads like murder and mayhem is caused only by Muslims. Not So. You have lived in Saudi Arabia. Do all Mulims there seem like bloodthirsty conquerors to you?"

    Where in my post did I say that murder and mayhem is caused only by Muslims?

  6. Sabra,

    Thank you for replying to my comment. I drew my comment from the fact that you gaveexamples of two very Muslim names in your post.

    my apologies, if I offended you :( But, from a new reader, it was an obvious question. Yeah?

  7. Not offended, Anonymous. Just setting the record straight that I never said "Muslim." There was murder and mayhem involved in both. Yes, it is alarming and upsetting that they were both Muslim - but then - the guy in Ohio a couple weeks back - the murderer/rapist, Anthony Sowell - just as upsetting. I hope he gets the death penalty, too! Nothing Muslim about his name. No clue what religion he practices - if he practices one at all. It does bother me, however, that no one is allowed to mention the "elephant" in the room when it comes to Muslims. You do the crime - expect some of us to be a bit critical...


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