Sunday, November 08, 2009

Grooming is no fun.

Not for me. Not for The Baby. And, six hours later, we still have some "clean up" to do. The finishing blade to her coat, trim some length of her "ears," and those feet. Those darn hairy little feet. She doesn't like me touching them. I use a small 5/8 blade to get in between the toes and trim around the nails with shears. Takes longer to do than anything else. She couldn't take any more today and I couldn't either. So, we will finish the feet tomorrow. Then give her a nice pedicure and paint her nails pink. Miss Pretty will be good to go for another month.

Unless you have researched it - and know the amount of grooming that goes into a Poodle - or a Labradoodle, for that matter - DO NOT get one. They are not "accessories." They are a lot - A LOT - of work. They do not have "fur." They have hair. And believe me, The Baby's hair grows a lot faster than mine! I would happily pay to have her groomed if the Dog Guru of the Sandbox was still doing it. She isn't. And she did such a good job, too... I could take The Baby to the kennel to have her groomed, but that hasn't worked out real well for her in the past. I think they are a bit rough - they can get her done in four hours - clipped, cut, nails done and a bath. That's okay. I am a stay at home Mommy. There is no reason why I can't do the grooming - all part of taking care of Kids!

Set of clippers - $100.00
9 Blades at $30.00 each - $270.00
Two sets of good shears $100.00
Shampoo / Conditioner - $10.00
Happiness derived from having The Baby - Priceless

If I can get the computer to NOT [ha! as if] act up tomorrow and I can download a picture, I'll post one of The Pretty Princess after I do her nails...

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  1. Sigh... i do owe the Pepper boy a good brushing. He would thank you for the reminder, but cats never say Thank You.


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