Monday, November 16, 2009

You Can Bet They Won't Be Waterboarded

That particular "act" seems to be reserved for use only by Americans. No other country in the world uses such unbecoming methods to extract information from "infiltrators" or enemies. Cough. Cough.

Yemeni infiltrators will be tried. The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is one I know very little about. I know this though: Saudi Arabia has "brass ones" when it comes to dealing with issues that might threaten its security. There is no waffling back and forth about what to do. There is no commander in training pants that says, "go easy on the illegals - don't bother arresting them." Not a chance. Instead, there are orders issued which direct forces here to shoot the "infiltrators" on sight if the approach the border. Those that are not shot on sight and happen to be captured? You do not want to be one of those...

Good for Saudi. Wish the United States would take a few lessons on how this kind of "diplomacy" is handled.

There is no "oh, what should we do" with regard to the trials of the "infiltrators," either. The Chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Salah Bin-Humaid, announced yesterday "that the Kingdom would try the Yemeni infiltrators who attacked a Saudi border post... ...the trials would be carried out in coordination with relevant agencies." A specific starting date was not given. Interesting. A country that understands security risks and holds its cards close, instead of laying them face down for all the other players to see. What a novel idea!

"The matter will be handled by security and military authorities... the trials [will] start soon after the end of the ongoing military operation to cleanse the area of intruders." Can you imagine? No ACLU lawyers. No putting the Kingdom on trial about their methods for abstracting information. No congress critters involved. Oh my. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not the men who will be put on trial will be found guilty? No worries for anyone being called for jury duty thereafter having a permanent bulls-eye on their back.

For its many faults - and what countries don't have them - faults, that is - the Kingdom deserves much credit for the way it chooses to deal with enemies and terrorists. Swiftly and to the point. [No. Really. No pun intended.]

You can bet - that although no trial date has been announced - that anyone being held in custody, here, for being involved in breaching the Kingdom's security, is not be coddled with "special" meals, or given all sorts of rights and special accommodations while languishing in jail. From what little I do know, it is doubtful that jails and prisons on this side of the world are anywhere near as comfy as those in the United States.

Saudi Arabia also has it right when it can say who is the enemy - or terrorist. Is this country trying to be so politically correct that it cannot call a spade a spade? No. Absolutely not. "The way the militias operate and the amount of money they spend on the conflict make the involvement of foreign powers almost a certainty." No beating around the bush, there. Saudi officials know who the enemy is, know who is involved, and are bound and determined to stop it. The United States? Hmmph. Most of the authorities in charge there are still in the very early planning stages of trying to figure out who it is they need to stop. And once they do figure it out? No worries. There will be a little tea party - cookies and lemonade will be served and everyone will sit around in a circle holding hands and sing kumbaya. Umm hmm. That'll stop it.

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