Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bend Over Americans

Here it comes! When you get thrown in jail and fined $25,000 or whatever outrageous amount it is that you cannot afford to pay because you can't afford to pay for your own health insurance coverage, don't come crying to me. Someone out there voted for "them." And whoever it was - you are going to pay. [How's that hopechange working out for you, now?] Good grief. After listening to henry waxman's barrage of accolades on nancy pelosi, it is a wonder he can even find his way out of her large intestine! Adding insult to injury - the king of tax evasion did the same. Who knew there was so much room inside np?! What a mess. I hope everyone remembers this in 2010!!!

A husband in the Sandbox is demanding that Canada - or someone - pay him $300,000 to divorce his wife. Nathalie Morin, hailing from Canada, married a Saudi national, Saeed Al-Shahrani. Apparently it is not a "happily ever after" kind of thing because she wants a divorce and she wants to return to Canada with her three children. Her husband wants to make her life a living... He says that is she, or Canada, or someone comes up with $300,000 then he will let her go. I don't know exactly how the divorce laws in this country work, but it seems to me that with men there is one set of rules [duh!] and with women another. A man can divorce his wife by simply texting her "I divorce thee I divorce thee I divorce thee." A woman, on the other hand, has to PAY to get out of the marriage contract. ["Saudi law states that if a woman wants a divorce but her husband does not she may pay her husband an agreed sum of money..."] The woman's mother, Johanne Durocher, who lives in Canada "has been campaigning for her daughter and grandchildren's return to Canada, [and] has condemned the proposal as a ransom demand." Gee. 'Ya think? The mother says she doesn't have "that kind of money." She has asked the Saudi government to intervene and pay her son-in-law off. Let us know how that works out for you. I mean, think of the precedent this would set... File under: You just can't make this stuff up.

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