Monday, November 02, 2009

Sleeping on the Job

DH and I ran downtown to do a couple of quick errands today. Finally got those sweet potatoes I've been needing, along with cayenne pepper, to make the oven-roasted spicy sweet potato wedges [we'll have them tomorrow] I've been wanting to make since I saw the recipe...

Went to Sears. Not a real Sears but a kind of sort of want to be Sears. There is a Sears sign outside - a small one - but it is really Zania [I think]. They sell basic Sears [Kenmore - along with a couple of other brands] appliances. We need a larger freezer and I've had it on our to do list to go by and get one for a while now. We've already looked at it, measured it, etc. Know exactly which one I want. It is expensive. Appliances from the States are, here. Part of the cost of living in the Sandbox. That's all. The nice thing is that you can bargain with the shop-keepers. Try doing that in the States. Still didn't get the freezer, though. The best price they could give me started off being 10% lower than the asking price, then the manager said he'd give us 15% off the price. No sale going on right now. The 25% off sale ended after Eid last month - although it ran for the entire month of Ramadan [of course, I wasn't here]. The shop manager wouldn't give me 25% off today, "Ze zale es feeNEEshed." Fine. I'll be back later this month during Eid when there is another sale. Apparently Sears is not in need of cash today. No biggie.

On the way home, as we were sitting at a light waiting to turn, there was a Traffic Police car perched on a median at an angle - like he meant business with speeders and red light runners. Good to know that those cars can jump those curbs to get up there. DH and I both made a comment about it to each other. Here's the thing, though. The guy was FAST ASLEEP IN HIS CAR. Literally. Sleeping, slumped over with his head off the head-rest. Eyes SHUT! Not going to get too many speeders and red-light jumpers that way, Buddy. We tooted our horn as we drove by - and the man slept right through it. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. [No. No pictures.] There probably would have had to be the loud crash of metal-on-metal to wake the man from his, obviously, much needed slumber. Even then I'm not sure he would have woken up. No need being out there on the job issuing tickets, though. The police are the ones who get in trouble for issuing tickets, NOT the drivers who break the law. It certainly is an interesting concept. I mean, really. Why bother with police in the first place if they are not going to be allowed to do their job?

And, speaking of drivers... I am very thankful to the man who had the right-of-way at a four-way stop today as I left the post office. He was paying attention! I was - but not enough. He was clearly there first. He stopped. I stopped. As he pulled forward, I pulled forward. Problem is that he was turning! Fortunately - he was paying more attention than I was. I anticipated that he was going to go straight. Can't blame him, though. He had his blinker on and I just didn't see it until he was coming at me - we would have done the "T-Bone" thing if he would have been driving fast or recklessly. Instead, he was driving like a perfect driver. I smiled - mouthed "I'm sorry" - and put my hands up - like "oops!" and he waived me on as I cracked the window and yelled "Thank you!" If that maneuver would have taken place down town, I would not be sitting at my computer chair right now. Our compound security DOES issue tickets to anyone speeding or running a red light or not abiding by the two-second rule at stop signs. Because of tickets that get issued - and everyone's raises are effected if you've got a ticket on your record [stating this with first-hand experience...], drivers on the compound are much, much more conscientious and courteous and much more law abiding than those drivers off the compound, that's for sure. Thank you Mr. Saudi driver for being so alert! And for your courtesy. The accident would have been my fault if it would have happened. I promise to be more aware, from now on, at our four-way stops [of which there are many] for turning signals...


  1. Those potatoes sound great! Best wishes living out there though....I did it (Bahrain) for six months!

  2. maybe the sleeping traffic cop had a stroke or an anyurism or heart attack or somethin'?

  3. Bahrain would be easy, JR! By the way, can't wait to order a couple copies of your book.

    mostlypurple - I really hope you are wrong about that. And, I think, just by the way he had carefully parked his car on the median that he was only sleeping. [That is what many of the check-point "kiosks" are used for. Either that or to play on mobile phones.]

  4. Check out the article in about Saudi drivers in Bahrain. An average of 20 Saudi drivers PER DAY are busted for traffic violations. I read it and thought "Really?? they actually get tickets??"

  5. Thanks, Sabra. I recently added an e-book format for only $10.


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