Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Furballs

The "Kittahs." There was the male that I fed for a couple of months. He was hanging around. He needed food. We called him Boots. An all black cat with white feet and legs. Boots seemed appropriate and fitting. He was clearly a male cat. Then, about a month ago - probably longer - Boots started hanging out down the street. Fine by us. We knew he was never going to be one of The Kids, but if you have two, then what's another. Besides, isn't it all the rage to "adopt" from overseas? Both The Boy and The Baby are from the States. Boots is from the Sandbox. There you go. A happy diversified family. Yeah. Not really, but kind of sort of, right?

In Boots place a young "kittah" started hanging around. Kitten, not little small kitten, but not a full-grown cat, either. Related to Boots? Maybe. Off-spring, perhaps. Black. Same green eyes. A single white foot. And a perfect white stripe up its nose. We started calling the kitten Stripe. I went to let The Boy outside in the back yard a couple of weeks ago and had NO idea Stripe was out there. Don't 'cha know The Boy spotted Stripe RIGHT away and raced to "attack." This was like a week after The Boy had been attacked by a "Killer Kittah" two blocks behind us when we were all out for a daily walk one morning. From out of nowhere - whoosh - The Boy was being attacked! Did he learn his lesson? Apparently not. I screamed. "NNOOOOOO!!" and Stripe darted underneath the gate to safety. We double check now, before letting either of The Kids outside, to make sure that the back yard is cat free. A few days ago, as I was getting ready to let The Boy out in the morning, I watched Stripe scale the cement wall to get outside of the yard. Stripe no longer fits underneath the gate.

Two days ago, I went out to feed Stripe. Stripe doensn't wander far from the yard and has taken to sitting on our front stoop in the morning in anticipation of breakfast. I finally figured out what gender Stripe is - female - and noticed that she has been putting on weight. Quite a bit of weight, actually. I think there are going to be Baby Furballs in the near future. This says that pregnancy in cats becomes noticeable in about the fifth week. Full gestation is 63 - 65 days. Well, if I've noticed... And it was this week that I noticed... Let's say Stripe is five weeks pregnant. She has another five weeks and couple days, more or less, before this young cat becomes a Mommy herself. [No we certainly were not planning on a teenage pregnancy, here. Caught us a bit off guard. To say the least.]

Great. Just what the Sandbox needs. More unplanned "ferel" kittahs. Stripe wants to be part of the family. And, we'd be willing to have her if we could get her in a cage and I could get her to a vet to get her shots, and flea treatment, etc. I am a bit worried about her condition, though. Perhaps she will find somewhere else to have her kittens. I don't know. There is not a "dark" safe place outside the house for her to do this. I've considered a box - upside down - with a hole cut in it so that she can freely enter and exit [heck, I'll cut windows in it for "light" if she wants it...] I've considered opening up the garage just enough so that she can come and go freely. The problem with that is that it faces the road - a busy street - and I do NOT want kittens roaming the street. It is a dilemma.

I have no idea what we are going to do about this situation. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be more than welcome! The kittens - if they are born in our yard - will definitely have to be caught and taken to PAWS [as if PAWS doesn't already have enough of a "cat" problem!], or to the kennel, here. Perhaps kittens could all find home. I don't know. But I also know that we do not need or want more than one cat to "diversify" our family...

What to do. What to do. I could be really wrong about Stripe being pregnant. Although DH said to me yesterday, "I think you're right about Stripe." Hmmm. I think I am too. Worms? Could worms make a small cat - not much older than a kitten herself - wide around the middle? Why? Why do I have to have such a big heart where animals are concerned? I can't just let them go hungry... This isn't the first episode with stray cats, here. Last year when there were a few of them around I was putting food out and then I called PAWS and borrowed one of their have-a-heart traps. As soon as we baited the trap and put it out - all three cats disappeared - not a single one of them went into the trap. But that did take care of the cat problem, at our house. They just went somewhere else to be a problem.

Baby Furballs. Probably in about five weeks.


  1. I had three half-grown cats move into my crawl space back in spring of '97, so i fed them. I named them Bill, Hillary and Chelsea and called them my welfare kitties. By autumn of 98 i called Snowangel from the animal rescue society and gave her a canvas bag with 23 kittens in it and bricked up the access to the under-house. I think the experience did more'n anything else to make me a hard core Conservative who dispises government hand-outs. So you might wonder why there is a bowl of cat food outside my door right now for the cats abandoned by my ex-neighbors. That's because i'm a sucker, Sabra. Just like you.
    Enjoy the company of the cute kittens. Life is about the little bits of goodness between the catastrophes.

  2. "Life is about the little bits of goodness between the catastrophes." Agreed, vd. Agreed.

    Just wasn't looking to "expand" the family. Should have mentioned in my post that if I can catch Stripe, then I will not only get her the shots she needs - rabies, etc. - but will also have her spayed. That is the ONLY way we are going to let an outdoor "member" join our family. And, if at some point The Kids accept her and she gets to move inside? She gets declawed, too. Been there. Done that with un-declawed cats. I have all leather furniture. Never again. We let two cats DESTROY our furniture in the States - and our carpet - before we finally declawed them. They may have been miserable for a week or two, but both lived happily ever after along with DH and I after we had their little toes broken and the claws removed...

    I'm a sucker, vd. Cannot let an animal go hungry. What can I say? It is just a part of my being...

  3. I'd stock up on Kitten Chow, but that's just me.

  4. Going to the Commissary tomorrow. Buying Kitten Chow...


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