Friday, November 06, 2009

Should have moved to the U.S.

Where your skills would be appreciated by the loony left. Heck. Nancy Pelosi's gang would be applauding your efforts and you probably could have been a part of the jeja's administration. Birth Control Czar. Or something. Interesting how there is no mention of the man's nationality. You can bet that if he was Indian, Sri Lankan or Filipino that would be noted. Just like in the States where the MSM plays "guess the party affiliation," in the Sandbox they play "guess the nationality." If someone gets in trouble in the States - you know - like the guy who has been charged with insider trading - there will be absolutely NO mention of his political affiliation if that person supports democrats. Conversely, if the person supported the GOP, on the other hand, it would be front page news! Yeah. We are all onto the game and know exactly how it is played!

PCRC. Big time. 431 accidents in 12 hours. How many dead? No mention. Good that "police were putting into action plans for traffic control." Let us know how that works out.

Blame the maid. It is always the maid's fault, isn't it? Another one absconded with the family jewels. Umm hmmm. Sure she did. I have a theory on this. Perhaps if you actually PAID your maid like you promised you would when you hired enslaved her, then she wouldn't have to steal from you.

Nary a mention of the shooting that happened at Fort Hood in today's papers where TWELVE people were killed. Must have happened too late?
What time yesterday? 3:30 [Eastern Standard Time] or so in the States? That would be 11:30, here. UPDATED: Bill Cowan is the only man being interviewed by Fox News with brass ones. He said that the shooter, Nidal Hasan, was extensively trained as a physician - he is a psychiatrist - [courtesy of the U.S. - you're welcome] and that if he was in the position that he was in, as a grown-up, that if supposedly was upset because of someone picking on him, he should have been able to take it. [I'd post a link to the video of this if I could find it.] Cry baby is what Hasan is. Put your big boy panties on and man up. The killer is still alive but has been injured. Aww. Isn't that just too bad. I hope he suffers. No pain meds for him! [Shep Smith just doesn't get it. Shep Smith just doesn't want to get it. He talks to the killer's cousin who says one thing and makes it quite clear. Then he asks the SAME question to someone else so that he can get a different answer. Jerk.] UPDATED AGAIN: Major General Bob Scales (Retired) has some brass ones, too.


  1. It's all over the blogosphere, Sabra. We're all rooted in anger over this. Meanwhile, CAIR touts the murderer as the victim.

  2. Oh I know it is SH. I've been following it - and watched all the news [Fox!]. It did make today's papers, here.


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