Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day One

Let's just not talk. M'kay?

I think if I keep busy I'll be fine. And, I've got patches. Lots of patches.

Others have done this. I can do this, too.


  1. You can do it! It isn't very hard to do, just remember you are bigger than the cancer sticks.

    Just try to do one day at a time. And try not to kill many people along the way!

  2. Cold turkey, the only way to go.

    Right Truth

  3. It's times like this when i am glad you are several thousand miles away from me. Stay busy!

  4. Congratulations! I don't know you, but I think you can do this!! Put up a good fight!!

  5. Oh, I tried the patch several times and it just didn't do it for me. I never, ever thought I'd be free of those damned cigarettes but it has been over two years now snd I can't even believe how easy it was. I used the drug Chantix and I swear it was like a miracle. I know some people have had side effects and have not been able to continue with it but my husband and I both used it with no problems.


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