Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Smooth Operator

This guy, Matthew. I just discovered him today. He isn't some secret I've been holding back on. I would have shared earlier if I would have known about him. Found out about him from a comment at JWF's place. One click lead to another. Yeah. They always do.

Read this post on Tiger Woods. How well said is that?! Better, though, his post on the jug-eared-jack-ass. Matthew tells him to "sh1t or get off the pot." It had to be said. Don't hold back, Matthew. Tell us how you really feel.

I would like to see a post written by him on the most recent POS in the news, Maurice Clemmons? Who, by the way, is dead. In a big way, it is a blessing. No languishing in the jail system, being lawyered up by the ACLU or someone else with a bleeding heart to insist that he was a "product of the environment, bad upbringing, abused" or something. Don't forget that when Mike Huckabee signed his clemency papers the "lad" had found God. Sure. Sure he did. Friends and family members are going to be charged with aiding and abetting this POS. Good. Throw the book at 'em. What is truly unfortunate is that we will all be paying for those folks to be housed and fed - oh, and given medical care, courtesy of our tax dollars. You and I? We'll be paying up the wazoo for medical care in the form of a public option and some gazillion trillion billion dollars deducted straight from our paychecks. [You work forty hours at whatever rate you make. You bring home Twenty-Five bucks. You can thank the jug-eared-jack-ass, nancy pelosi and harry reid for it. Don't come crying to me. I didn't vote for any of them.] Can't we just bring back good old fashioned justice? Take some lessons from the Saudi's. They know how to deal with criminals. Off with their heads. Each and every one of
them. Heck, I'd be satisfied with some rope and a tree. We'll worry about whether they deserved it or not later down the road. I digress. It is just so easy to do...

Matthew's writing style is poetically fluent. [Umm hmm. Like I am the Simon Cowell of critiques in writing, right? Quite doubtful.] I will reread him and reread him. Matthew doesn't know it yet, but he is going to help me write my book. Oh, he might not even be involved, we may never communicate, and he may never know he was part of the manuscript, but I will be doing my best to emulate his style. The words just flow. Smooth. Straight out of the pen onto the paper. Or, straight out of his fingers to the keyboard onto his computer screen and straight to the world wide web.

If anyone is looking for me, I'll be at The Lunatic's Asylum scouring the archives.

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