Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tide costs $43.69

Is it just me or does that seem like an awful lot to pay for 150 ounces of laundry soap? I did not ship any back this year because they are carrying it at the Commissary, now. That is almost twice what it costs in the States [$22.56 at Lowes Foods].

Originally I paid $45.84 [more than twice what it costs in the States!] for it. I went to go do laundry yesterday morning and saw the price on the cap, 162.9 S
R - round it off - 163 SR [the .10 halala difference amounts to one-third of a cent or something minimal like that]. I was overcharged by 8 riyals. 8 riyals! $2.14. Hey, $2.14 is $2.14. So, when I went to the Commissary to get Diet 7-Up yesterday afternoon I took the Tide and my receipt, with me.
Darn Skippy I got my 8 riyals back. And made sure to speak to one of the managers so that it gets changed in the computer. $2.14. When you have to spend that much on laundry soap you do not want to be over charged by even a few cents.
Oh - and I tried a different brand of Laban. Nada. Their milk is wonderful. Their juices are the best. Their Laban? Not so much. It was awful. Sticking with Activia from now on.

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  1. We don't get the liquid Tide here. We did for a minute then it went away. An 8 kg bag of powdered Tide is 63 SR.($16.58) What I find disgustingly over priced is cereal. A box of Special K w/Almonds is 33SR. So is a box of Oatmeal Raisin Crisp. iasked my DH for a few boxes for Valentine's Day as I refuse to buy it. I'm just way too cheap.


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