Thursday, December 17, 2009


Am I the only one questioning the statistic of white women that go missing are increasingly often [?] victims of their WHITE male husbands? Of the cases profiled in the news, just off the top of my head... Scott Peterson [who may be innocent - questions still unanswered on his case], and Drew Peterson - whose wife, Stacy, has yet to be found. Then there is Michael Peterson - whose wife was found not far from where we lived in North Carolina... and who may have killed not just his last wife, but his first wife also. [What is is with the name Peterson? Eerie.] Let's see... Another North Carolina woman - Nancy Cooper - her husband is charged with her murder. And Kelly Currin, whose husband is likely her murderer - from where? Again, a little town right outside of where we lived in North Carolina. [Granted, I probably pay attention to the crimes that take place in North Carolina due to it being "home," but still...]

And, now, making headlines is a young woman, with two little boys, Susan Powell. Her husband, Joshua, allegedly took the two children who are, I think, two and four-years-old CAMPING at midnight a week or so ago which, coincidentally, happens to be the last night his wife was seen. Yeah. Just a little bit odd that you would take two toddler-aged children CAMPING in cold, wintry weather, in Utah, in December. Sure, pal. Sure.

Interesting that all of these men are white.

Is this a crime - murdering a wife - that is predominently done by while males? For all of the domestic abuse that occurs, worldwide, it seems like every time there is a murder of a wife, chances are quite good that it is the husband that is somehow involved and it just seems to be an awful lot of white males. Just sayin'...


  1. A lot of kids go missing, but only the blond girls make the news. Remember there was a serial murderer caught in cleveland
    with nine or so bodies under his house. He was black and his victems were black and regaurdless of what the general population of the USA thinks, the MEDIA thinks that missing black women are not news. No one is more casually racist than an ivy league liberal arts graduate, and journalism students are the worst.

  2. Scott Peterson [who may be innocent - questions still unanswered on his case]

    Yes. And even more, compare his "white woman in peril" case with that of Gilbert Cano, also handed to the same Modesto prosecutors for trial, but look what happened ?!?!?!

    Victim's family wanted death penalty

  3. These cases with White women and white missing children do get much more airtime in the media. Would be interesting to see some actual statistics on white vs black or other categories.

    A quick Google search turned up the Paladin Group research, here's a portion:

    White and black women had equivalent rates of
    violence committed by intimates and other relatives
    (about per 1,000 persons).

    Hispanic and non-Hispanic females had about the
    same rate of violence attributable to intimates, 6
    per 1,000 persons.

    Women age 20 to 34 had the highest rates of violent
    victimization attributable to intimates (16 per
    1,000 persons) of any age group.

    Women who graduated from college had the lowest
    rates of violence attributable to intimates (3 per
    1,000 persons) compared to women with less than a
    high school education (5 per 1,000), high school
    graduates, (6 per 1,000) or women with some college
    (6 per 1,000)

    Women with family incomes under $9,999 had the
    highest rates of violence attributable to an
    intimate (11 per 1,000 persons) and those with
    family incomes over $30,000 had the lowest rates (2
    per 1,000).

    Read it all here:

    Right Truth


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