Sunday, December 20, 2009

Patience? All gone.

None. Have absolutely none. DH has a whole lot more than me. One of these days... It is going to come back and bite me in the butt, too.

We went downtown yesterday morning to Tamimi. Had to get a few things at the grocery store that I couldn't get at the Commissary. [Big surprise, there. That the Commissary isn't carrying the most basic items. Green beans! In a can. We have twenty different kinds of creamed corn but not a single can of green beans. Has it occurred to anyone in charge of ordering that perhaps people are NOT eating creamed corn and that is why there is so much on the shelf? Apparently not.]

I got green beans - canned and frozen - at Tamimi. Along with French fried onions and a freezer full of Stouffer's Lasagne! What was a short list of a "few" things turned into a cart full. No problem. We are in line. There is a man in front of us with two items, and in front of him, there is a woman who has almost finished unloading her cart onto the belt to have her groceries tallied and bagged when Mr. Saudi in his thobe comes up and cuts right in front of us. He has one item.

Immediately I told him to get behind us - wait in line like the rest of us. What does DH do? Says, "Come on Honey, he has one item." So? It is the point. And the point is that he thinks he is entitled to cut to the front of the line. He is the same as the asshole that tried to cut us off at Customs last week. "Don't you think you are being just a tad unreasonable?" No. I don't think so. This is why men do these things, here. Because they are not taught differently.

I'm telling Mr. Saudi in his thobe to wait his turn - and DH is pushing him ahead of us and giving me the look that says, "Stop it. Be quiet." Fine. We'll finish this discussion in the car. From now on - no matter where I am or what I am doing - I am going to walk up in front of any Saudi man in a line and push my way first. See how they like it. DH says, "Go for it Honey."

Quitting smoking is NOT for the weak! I've not hurt anyone. Yet. [Not wearing patches anymore, either. After that last bad dream that involved the jugearedjackass and I on a plane, together... Yeah. You can just figure how that one ended. It was not pretty.]


  1. I side with you on the supermarket encounter.

    I had a cart load of stuff one day and a woman had one item. She just walked in front of my cart and placed herself in line. I told her I was next. She smiled and said but I have only one item.

    I told her again I was next and she had to get in line or go to the 15 items or less line. Which was really long that day.

    She was not pleased but, she moved. Ordinarily, I would motion anyone ahead of me if I have a cart load of stuff and they have one item, but when someone just plants themselves in front of you, not even asking, I go into stubborn mode. It's as you said, the principle of the thing.

    LOL it's much the same as holding a door for someone and they walk through it and look through you and don't even say thank you. I then say aloud.."You're welcome."

    I don't understand why people are so rude. It costs nothing to be pleasant and polite.


  2. I always let people with only one or two items go ahead of me, it's the polite thing to do. But when this man pushed ahead as if he deserved to be in front, no questions asked, that would have made me mad too. But, you are in a different world over there -- I seem to remember that they cut people's heads off etc.

    I probably would have let it go without comment.

    But I'm not under duress, trying to quit smoking, ha. I hear that can turn people into very irritable creatures, ha.

    Right Truth

  3. The men of Saudi Arabia should just stay home when you are out and about. At least until you are over your first year of a quit.

    Green Beans, are you making a cassarole?

  4. I'm with Debbie here, if they wait or they ask politely of course I'll let them through but if they try to muscle in ..... well, that's why I wear high heels to go shopping!


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