Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cold Water Washing Season: Now

It is a short season. About three, maybe four - tops, months of the year. The only time that the water is cold. A relative term, I know. But still...

Yesterday morning it was 56° outside. This morning when The Boy needed out - long before the sun was even considering peeking out from the darkness - it was 50°. Yes, of course I threw my bathrobe and slippers on before we headed out the back door - but I should have grabbed a coat. "Hurry up and pee. It is freezing out here!!!" Poor Little Guy. He has a very, very short coat. I'm sure he was freezing, too. [I wonder if both Kids think, "Why do we have to always go outside to do our business?" Can you even imagine how big of a litter box you would need for a Great Dane AND a Standard Poodle. Yeah.]

Actually, as much as I like the heat it is nice to have a couple of months of cold. Gives me an opportunity to wear sweaters and boots. [Boots that are totally impractical for real "weather" like snow and ice. Fashion boots not winter boots.] Yesterday I was able to put cold water in the washing machine and some Woollite and a load of darks that have been sitting in the laundry basket for far too long. The "gentle cycle wash in cold water" darks.

Our jaunts through the neighborhood have been just perfect for leggings and sweatshirts. And, this morning, with it as cold outside as it is, I'm thinking it is time to turn the heat on... Time to head downtown to one of the make-up stores for some self-tanner. With no opportunity to sit outside and get some color, I'll be pasty white in no time. Of course, no one will know since I'm bundled up in layers!


  1. It's 18 F outside my house now; I took the trash out barefoot. (Nice how the garbage does not smell bad this time of year.) I had not thought of Cold Water as a seasonal resouce before. One Saudi summer would kill me dead and mummify my remains: you can keep your nasty hot weather!

  2. Oh my gosh, vd! Took the trash out BAREFOOT?!? That's like liking a lamp post when it is 32F!! Barefoot??? I've got leggings on, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, heavy socks AND slippers right now. High today was 76 in the sun. Bbuuurrrrr.

    Cold water if most definitely a "seasonal resource." Oh, yeah. We are now done bathing The Kids outside until at least April. [I am so thankful for Inom to clean up THAT mess on a bi-weekly basis. He probably thinks I am nuts to bathe them in the tub.]

  3. Funny how "cold" is a relative term :-) When I lived in Ohio, come March/April, 50 degrees felt downright balmy. Since our water tanks sit on our roofs, I have cold water for about an hour in the mornings (before sunup) and that is when I do my my cold water wash. It is always a small load so the water doesn't have a chance to heat up before it's done.
    I wore jeans and my stlyish but impractical for "real" weather boots last night.

  4. My first thoughts, too, were of a stalker. Product of my environment, I suppose.

    Re the extinguisher, a suggestion or two:

    When mounting, imagine a large grease fire on the cooking surface and the heat envelope it generates. Be sure to mount the extinguisher OUTSIDE that space.

    And please read the insructions for use. Thorougly. Yes, it's simple, I know, pull pin, squeeze, and... then what? How? Where?From how far away? How quickly? Stream or bursts? How long does it last?

    And in another week, go back, stand there looking at the exinguisher and the imagined scene and talk yourself through the scenario. If you have to hesitate in the discourse for even 1 second, consider he whole thing all over again. Your practiced actions are no less important than the fact at you HAVE an extnguisher. Without you it's a brick.

    There are lots of round, red bricks, er, ah, fire exinguishers hanging around all over the world because owners fail to recognize the facts of adrenalin, lack familiarity, and panic.

    Fire fighters have to train for an unlimited number of scenarios. You need to do it for just one or two. Lucky you.

    /soapbox mode


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