Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And Another Thank You to the...

...phukktards out there that are going to make flying absolutely hellacious. Canada has decided to limit carry-on baggage for flights to the United States. The measure may only be temporary, but that isn't the point. The point is that because there is ONE group of people out there intent on seeing as many people dead as possible, some 99.99% of the rest of the population has to be majorily inconvenienced. The no carry-on rule doesn't bother me, for the time being, because I do not have any reason to fly to the States from Canada. How long, though, will it be before the same rule applies to ALL flights to the States?

Here's the thing. The ONE issue, besides what to do with the extremists [because profiling them would be so politically incorrect!], that has yet to be addressed is theft. Oh, pluheeze, do not even try to tell me that things do not go missing from luggage. They do. And they go missing from OUR luggage in the States, not over here in the Middle East. We use those security locks that ONLY the TSA can open and that is when the theft occurs. This is not something that has happened just once. Or even just twice. SEVERAL TIMES! Oh, I'm sure there are honest TSA employees. It just so happens that the few that are not honest ruin it for the rest of them.

How are we going to be guaranteed that if we check our bags and are not allowed anything but minimal carry-on luggage that our belongings are actually going to arrive at our destinations with us? Has anyone heard anyone discussing this part of the equation? No. Everyone is all up in arms with the fact that we are going to have to go through body scanners where every roll of adipose tissue can be viewed by a complete stranger. Nice. Just fabulous.

But, again, I ask, how are we going to make sure that all of our packed belongings make it to our destinations with us? What will be done to make sure that items do not go missing from luggage? Nothing much has been done about this so far as I can tell. Oh, and for the record, just try filling out the forms to file a claim with TSA when items go missing. You are in what is nothing more than an exercise in futlity. Belts and make-up and silk shirts go missing? That is just too bad. Deal. As if we expected ANYTHING more than what amounts to theft from a government agency. With the current administration? Nah. Theft is just par for the course.

Any word on how many "government" workers have been fired for allowing Abdulmutallab to NOT have his visa revoked and for ALLOWING him to board a plane? How about all those people that were advised that Abdulfukmutallab was not a nice man? His own father was warning everyone and NO ONE listened. How many of those people are no longer a part of our super-duper intelligence service? What's the real scoop on the man who was traveling with him? We are NOT being told the truth. Again. With the current administration? Nah. Lies are just par for the course.

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  1. If I were on that flight with that SOB, I'd be doing all things possible to snap his scrawny neck in two.


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