Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have it. Lots. I just don't have time. Check back in a day or two. You have to know about the guy in his thobe that was passed out dead cold at the bar - Sherlock Holmes - in Bahrain. You know. Stuff. Like that. Oh and that hideously ugly "C" in the back of the Camry with her fat husband and their kid in the front - they tried to cut us off at the Causeway. We wouldn't let them. So what did they do? Beat us by cutting off the ENTIRE FRONT of the line. Because they are so much better than anyone else and cannot possibly wait in queue like everyone else... Talk about U-G-L-Y! Perhaps that is why so many women here ARE covered head-to-toe in black... Just my opinion.


  1. Arent you hypocritical? Is this not precisely the attitude you were accusing Khalaf Al-Harbi of?

  2. Absolutely not. But kind of. I'll explain in the post later on.

  3. I'm glad you say what you mean and what you think, I like that in people.

    Usually in December blogging gets pushed back, everyone is so busy. I'm not posting nearly as much as I usually do and the three contributors I have are also not posting as much this month.

    Honestly with everything going on in Washington it's news "overload"

    Right Truth

  4. wait! are you serious, you were talking .... about Khalf' article which was misinterprted and now you do it? what is your excuse,,,, Fat husband, ugly woman,,,

  5. this is really pissing me off. so many women are covered cus they are ugly. you have double standard.

  6. I beg to differ....I find Middle Eastern women beautiful - and on Friday check my blog out and see me prove it!

    But if you're a music lover, stop by today sometime. Robin Trower!


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