Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Her crime? Using toilet paper.

Goodness gracious. I don't know if that was her crime or not - using toilet paper [which, of course, for reasons totally unfathomable to most of the civilized world, is not allowed in women's rooms here in the Sandbox]. The Hai'a, also known as the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, or the Religious Police, physically removed a woman out of a restroom and beat her before forcing here into one of their vehicles. They did what?!! Dragged her out of a toilet! With "parts of her body exposed."

You have to wonder in stunned amazement what the woman could possibly have done to warrant such treatment and just shake your head that MEN in a country where women, supposedly, are never to be seen - let alone touched - by a men that are unrelated would enter a TOILET to remove a woman from such a "private" place. Unbelievable. Well, no, it isn't, really.

The story is here. No details on what the woman did prior to such a public spectacle. This. Done by an agency who just a week or so ago gave themselves praise for their new kinder, more gentle role. [I'm off to find the link so I can post it, here. Never mind. I've gone through two weeks of both papers, on-line, and I can't find the article. Maybe I saw it several weeks ago?] Umm hmm. Sure.


  1. When I see several men dragging a screaming woman into a car (which happens most every day at the mall here, right Umm Mohamed) I always throw myself into the fray and attempt to rescue the woman from her captors. This is what civilized people are supposed to do unless the men are police officers. SO: do the Council have anything like uniforms they wear when kidnapping women? Do they have any legal authority to gan grape when not accompanied by a real police officer? If i did stomp four Matawah into the ground (and i can) would i get fifty years in prison or a round of applause? Do they only enforce their view of the law this enthusiastically when the woman is hot?

  2. Five bucks says pocket rocket.
    Of course, they don't exist over there...


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