Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, okay, then. Because you said so.

If you say they are gone, then they are gone. I guess. Interesting little theory. I used to use the same theory with dust bunnies. "Well, look at that. They are all gone." In actuality, though, they had retreated under the couch and they weren't really gone. The King has done much the same with "infiltrators" here in the Sandbox. "Saudi Arabia has emerged victorious in a conflict with rebels, saying the army has driven away the last infiltrators from its territory." Alrighty, then. It must be so. [No. I am not making fun of the King. I have a great deal more respect for him than I do the leader of my country. Did you see the King bowing down to the jugearedjackass? No. You did not. It was quite clearly the other way around. And the jugearedjackass didn't stop there. He has continued to bow down to other dignitaries and officials since then. Including Burger King.]

Flying from hereon out, as if it wasn't enough of a pain in the butt, ought to be a real joy. Thanks to this phukktard. What more can they possibly do to screen potential wrong-doers - besides, oh, I dunno know, PROFILE!! - as they go through security? We'll be flying neked from now on, wrapped in nothing more than plastic film - Saran Wrap - and duck-tapped to our seats. You thought the searches were invasive before? Get ready for full body probing. It IS coming. Mark my words. All because of one particular... The same group that is going to jump up and down and scream "that's not fair," "we are being singled out" and "it is our right to wear a black tent and mask over our face." Umm hmm. You'll be stripping that garb off, discarding it in a pile at your feet and bending over for some special apparatus... Security measures have been ramped up and right now "pat-downs" are taking place. Pat-downs. Ohhh. We should all feel so much safer, now. Because NO ONE would ever think to conceal something up his - hey, wait a minute - hasn't that already been tried? Yeah. I remember, now...

I do not believe that the man acted alone. Nope. No way. Well, I guess that is a given as he supposedly got the "boom-boom" stuff from a bearded less than ten-fingered man* in Yemen and instructions from Yemen as well, but I mean at the airport. Someone knew he was rigged up to go ka-plooey and they let him go through security that way. If I were a betting woman I'd be willing to bet that there were more than one "someone's" that helped this man get from point A to B to C and then D [as in Detroit]. But, then... I'm not a betting woman.

Did he get on the plane in Amsterdam without a passport? Heads need to roll. Right now. If they haven't already rolled. "He's from Sudan and we do this all the time." Well, maybe you do, pal, but Sudan is a third-world-country not a civilized one like Amsterdam. You have got to be phukking kidding! And to trump that, the man was already on a "watch list" but managed to board the plane anyway? Anyone involved with passing this newest specimen of a "man made disaster" [is that what we're calling them, now?] through security needs to be thrown in jail. Lock 'em up and throw away the key. We can ask questions later.

Yeah, I know that isn't the way the jugearedjackass would handle this, but he's on vacation right now. Let someone who knows about these kinds of things step in and take care of things. Where's Dick Cheney when we need him? Flying is going to be fantastic fun from now on! I am sooo not l
ooking forward to my next flight. This just makes me so angry, words cannot even begin...

Let's see. While I'm at it and in such a snarky mood. How about this. "About 70 percent of children in Saudi Arabia suffer rape and xesual harassment at the hands of relatives..." What?!! That has got to be an error. The sentence has got to mean, that 70 percent of children abused in Saudi Arabia and not that 70 percent of the children in Saudi Arabia are abused. Right? [Who knows. I could be very wrong and the sentence could, indeed, be a fact.] That 70 percent of them are abused by relatives does not come as a surprise. Supposedly the other 30 percent of abuse is done by the hands of "domestic helpers and strangers." Ahh. Someone knows their math! Probably not the "domestic helpers" that are committing the abuse, though. Strangers. That I can see. Most domestic helpers are too afraid of their own dayum shadows to even sneeze, let alone abuse a child. They know how severe punishments are, for them, here. The domestic helpers are not the abusers. They are the abusees. A gynecologist at King Saud Medical Complex says that she "receives at least three cases of xesual harassment at her clinic every week, mostly against housemaids from their employers." That is ONE gynecologist at one medical facility. How many more are out there that we do NOT hear about?!? This abuse thing doesn't bother me nearly as much as the flying thing...

*Yeah, alright. I made part of that up. I was referring to something from a movie, "The Kingdom."

See, here:

Grant Sykes: [upon seeing Al Ghazi inspecting hands of dead bodies] Fingerprints are on the other side.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: I'm not looking for fingerprints.

Grant Sykes: Then what are you doing?

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Fingers.


  1. Who was the well-dressed man who tried to get Mutallab on the plane without a passport? Is there video of him? Is anyone trying to find him? Seems like he would be a very important person to talk to...

    Right Truth

  2. And didn't you just love it when the head of Homeland Security, Janet Whatshername said , "The security system worked" ? No. The passengers on the plane worked. If the system had worked, the mowron would never had been on the freakin plane.


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