Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great Idea for a Reality Show.

"How Desperate Are You?" Here is the idea: Get a group of girls and women together. Say, ages ten to forty and an old man who is looking for a wife. Whoever comes up with the most unique dowry gets to marry the man. I could be really wrong on this but I'd be willing to venture a guess that the 30-year-old woman who married a 95-year-old man - who has no money to speak of - is desperate. Why else would you marry someone sixty-five years older than you? Love? Umm hmm. Sure. The man, at best has about five years to live. He is currently supporting two other wives on his 2,000 riyal social security pay [$536.19]. No. You don't go into a marriage that way unless you are desperate. Very, very desperate.

Five more studies in happiness, here. Five women want their husband's jailed for being abusive. Brooke Mueller wants the same thing. Let us know how it all works out.

Oh, and speaking of marriage. How many divorces have taken place this year, over here in the Sandbox, because women [all of the sudden?] have decided they do not want to share? Selfish. That is what those women are. Just plain 'ol selfish. They don't want to share their husband with another woman. Can you even... Another divorce due to this very reason. It is almost comical.

Yep. Wedded bliss, alright. "A Saudi citizen has been keeping his wife and two sons 'jailed' in his old home... for over 20 years, because they are mentally ill..." Yeah, they probably are now - after so many years of confinement. Who is the "Saudi citizen" and what qualifies him to determine that his wife and sons are mentally ill? The man, whoever he is, doesn't even let his wife in the kitchen to cook because he is afraid she is going to hurt herself. Did he have a clue as to his wife's mental condition before he married her and had two sons? Something is not right with this "story." A story. That is what it is. As in "made up" and unbelievable. Oh, I'm not doubting that some insecure guy with little man syndrome has kept his wife and two sons locked up. What I doubt is the reason why.

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