Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Stuff

Baby shopping. Mall of Dhahran has some great baby stores! Cute, cute stuff. Cannot wait for my little Granddaughter to be born. Grandson? Don't know yet. Shopping in "neutral" until we know for sure. Blue and tan can be neutral. So, can brown.

Is the sweatshirt with the airplanes on it not the cutest little sweatshirt you've ever laid your eyes on? [The Baby's Grandfather is a pilot, after all...] If the baby is a Girl, I can picture a yellow and white dress underneath this sweatshirt with navy shoes. If the baby is a Boy, jeans, with little hiking boots.

Adorable. Adorable! A little baby bathrobe. With a matching towel.

And the tags. "Keep away from fire." Seriously?!? I mean, was that a problem? Someone held their baby too close to a fire and now all baby clothing has to come with a tag that warns people?

Oh my gosh. This is going to be sooo much fun! I can hardly wait for September 9th.


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute. I would not expect to find such cute baby things in Saudi Arabia.

    Right Truth

  2. I was quite pleasantly surprised, Debbie. We have a lot of baby stores. A lot. Even an Oskosh Carter's store! I had a couple hours at the mall - didn't get to more than a third of the baby stores. More shopping to take place. Oh yeah...

  3. Sabra, I have a separate checking/savings account just for grandkidlet shopping :-) They are SUCH fun. I now have 7 and they range in age from 14 down to just turned 1. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
    Mothercare is my favorite!

  4. Great idea, Linda! [Although my thought for savings account had to do more with school...]

    Got a HUGE bag of stuff from Mothercare. [The pictures are just a sampling of the shopping so far.] Prices were really really good, too!

  5. my first grandchild is 5 weeks old.

    now i know why that relationship is called 'grand'.


  6. Oh, SA, how WONDERFUL for you! You did not tell us - little Granddaughter or little Grandson? Congrats!!!

  7. i have a wee granddaughter. a delicate, girly, sweet-faced HOLLERBOX! LOL

    my son-in-law is Sinhalese and our little darling turned out to be just as pretty and exotic as found so often with mixed-heritage babies. ok maybe that's not PC but it's true!

    (i send him your links & tell him all about the poor souls who get trapped in the 'sandbox' and to spread the word back in Sri Lanka)


  8. Shhsh, SA. Don't tell anyone but I am secretly wishing for a Baby Granddaughter. I am thrilled to be a Grandma with either, of course...

    Hollerbox. Cute! I'm going to have to remember that one.

    I am glad you share the posts about treatment of foreigners with your son. If just one abuse is prevented then it will all be good.

  9. sent you photos.



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