Monday, February 08, 2010

Missing Inam.

I never, ever thought I would catch myself saying this, but I miss Inam. Really. I do. He is on a well deserved vacation and I am happy for him. I know Inam and I have had our "moments," but at this point we've settled into our routine and he knows what I expect and he knows how to do it. Not that I am not appreciative of his brother Hadar filling in for him, but it will be good to have Inam back. Sometime early March. I think. I hope!

The backyard has a big blue hole, again. Not happy about this. Better now, though, than in May or June when we are going to want the blue hole filled with water. The pool light filled up with water and in order to fix it the pool had to be drained. Sometimes I wonder if Rev really knows what he is doing. The light should have been sealed and we should not have to be dealing with this. Typical. Just typical. A dangerous blue hole...

We are freezing! It has been downright cold. I'm waiting for snow. Snow! Global warming and all. Only 50° right now. It was 40-something degrees last night. The heat is on. When we moved to Saudi Arabia I did not expect that we would have cold weather. Cool, maybe. But not cold.

I'll be headed to the States soon. The new scrutiny of passengers leaving from Saudi? Is it a big surprise that there is a group that is screaming about this - there is always a group that is believes they are being wronged by society in some way, shape or form. Muslims don't have a monopoly, there. Choose any ethnic group, or yags, or code pink loons, someone... [Actually, the one demographic that probably has been wronged the most is the only group that does not make a fuss about it. White males.] And even if there is some extra scrutiny, isn't safety worth it? Some social networking nut job is making much ado about not much of anything. According to this, there is "fury on Saudi cyberspace." The Saudi Liberal Network has an open letter on Facebook that says, "We wish to register our profound disappointment with this new policy. These new regulations are an insult to our entire nation and all of its citizens, as they stigmatize all of us as potential terrorists." Hello?!! Without bringing up Tim McVeigh or Richard Reid isn't there something that the terrorists - just over the course of the last year - have had in common? Why yes, I think there is. No matter. Thanks to the FruitAKaboom phukktard ALL of us leaving this country to go to the States will face extra security. As if traveling and airline travel wasn't bad enough, already, prior to Umar Abdulmutallab.

Yeah, there was probably more. I got busy and distracted. Started this first thing this morning. Twelve hours later? A less than half-done post about happenings on this side of the world... Such is life sometimes.


  1. I am sorry if the saudi passengers feel insulted as a group. For two bucks an hour i will go the air port and insult every one of them personaly, as a uniquely denigrated individual. If they are flying into Colorado i will also sell them a coat: it's 21 outside right now, dropping to 4 tonight. Capitalism is fun!

  2. Will security be as tight if you are flying from Bahrain?

  3. I'll fly out of Bahrain to Doha. Doha does does some pretty thorough screening. They go through EVERYTHING in your bag and even smell your lip gloss!


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