Sunday, February 07, 2010

Absconding. School Girl Handcuffed.

Absconding and school girl handcuffed. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Have you seen this man?

Hard to feel sorry for the little chippy who wrote all over a desk - in her words, "two little doodles" - with a magic marker. ["I love my friends Abby and Faith," and "Lex was here 2/1/10" and a smiley face are NOT "two little doodles."] I don't care if it was erasable magic marker or not. What she did was just plain wrong. [Would you do that to the dining room table in your home? Probably not. So why would you do it at school?] She got caught and now she's crying about it. Did it happen over here in the Sandbox? Nope. New York. [It has happened more than once in New York - that a teenage girl was hand-cuffed for writing on a desk. Speaks volumes about the public school system, there.] Really she ought to consider herself lucky. In the States she'll be able to sue and get her fifteen minutes of fame on Good Morning America or Jerry Springer. [Is Jerry Springer still on?] Over here? She'd get a couple months of jail time and lashed. Something to be said about the justice system in Saudi. No coddling. No ACLU. No 1-800-IAM-HURT. It is a good thing. And although I do not always agree with the method of punishment I do agree that the system works on this side of the world, swiftly. [From this blog which was featured in today's Saudi Gazette.]

Saudi Arabia also knows how to deal with illegal aliens. Arrest them and send them home. Just like that. Easy. The States? Nah. Everyone has to have rights. Regardless of whether or not they are legal. Democrats get more voters...

Divorce is on the rise. I blogged about it last week. Why is it such a surprise to everyone over here?

Mr. Mohammad Mahroos. Do not help him and report him immediately. Absconding. Absconding! I don't know why that is so amusing, but it is. [From today's Arab News.]

Matthew has two good posts up. The man has a way with words! Most excellent snark, Matthew. Indeed, most excellent.


  1. Absconding... it's illegal to quit your job in KSA? I was just saying yesterday that Egyptians make lousy slaves.

  2. Thanks very much for the links, Sabra!


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