Thursday, February 04, 2010

Treated Better Than Family

We have no reason to believe that the maid was treated any differently. We know they are all treated just like much loved and adored family members. Not a chance that they are abused in any way, shape or form, and they are paid handsomely and on time, always. Right. That is what the son of the murdered woman wants everyone to believe. His mother was the perfect employer so there was no reason for the maid to stab her with a kitchen knife while she was kneeling and praying. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the maid had to have a good reason for murdering her employer. Just a guess. When you have heard the same story for seven - going on eight - years you become somewhat immune to the "we don't abuse maids" line of crap and you ignore it.

The maid was abused. We will likely never know how badly. Bad enough for her to want to stab the woman she worked for with a knife, though. The woman's son "denied reports the killer was treated badly." Well of course he does. The man claims that his mother "shouted at her [the maid] only when she failed to take care of her grandchildren... One of them once ran toward the street. My mother shouted at her to run after him before a car hit him. It is only in these cases that my mother loses control of her temper..." Umm hmm. Sure, pal.

The man says, "his sister paid the maid's medical expenses when she broke her leg." Mighty generous, don't 'cha think? Do tell, how is it that she had a broken leg? Supposedly "investigations had revealed the maid had not be physically tortured as she claimed." I would be more than just a little bit skeptical of those "investigations." The maid was taken on vacation, with the family, for two months and he says, "If she was treated as badly as she laimed, then she could have escaped or at least called for help." Oh my gosh. Can you even believe?!? Escape, how? Who had her passport? When was the last time she was paid? Where was she supposed to escape to with no passport and no money? Who was she going to call? Did she have reason to fear repercussions? So many questions. No answers.

Proof that many of the maids, here, are abused? Do a search at Arab News or Saudi Gazette. Dozens and dozens of reports will come up. Dozens! I read on someone's blog not to long ago - Sand Gets In My Eyes - from a commenter - who said that "the bad stories flies very quickly to media, the good ones no one hear about them." Have to agree with Ameen that good news doesn't sell papers and thus doesn't get reported or published. But the fact remains that NONE of the maids should be abused!

[If you can stand it, read Ameen's comments to Sand Gets In My Eyes post about the little 12-year-old girl that is married to an 80-year-old pedophile. She says, "i have to educate the reader [in response to another commenter] that this is not the norms of the society." Really? Okay, so maybe it is not the "norms," but it is something that seems to happen fairly frequently, wouldn't you say. Continue reading about how America is so much worse because a rape happens every two minutes and how Austria has psychos because ONE man kept his daughter imprisoned in his basement and repeatedly raped her. I was going to respond, but don't need to. Just not worth the time and effort trying to educate someone who lives in this society that rape regularly happens and that pedophilia is alive and well, here. As is slavery the abuse of maids.]

See? Because this is what happens to abused maids who runaway escape from their sponsors. They get raped. And, I think we all know how that works out. The maid will be punished - given lashes and sent to prison. Then she will be deported. The men who raped her? The Saudi and the Jordanian? Absolutely nothing will happen to them and they will be out roaming the streets searching for their next victim.


  1. Seriously lady.. what is with you?? I'm not a saudi but I'm a proud arabic woman who does not agree what-so-ever with you..
    You always have these posts about how violent Saudis are.. and about beaten maids and school girls and even little boys.. you make assumptions with no facts which gives people the idea that you are living in some mad hole!!
    And one more thing.. how come you didn't mention crimes that maids did? or still do for that matter. Don't tell me that you never heard of a maid killing a toddler from the household she's working in, or beating the kids or anything of that sort, since you obviously enjoy digging for bad news..
    Some maids do all of that because they just want to return home.. my cousin had a maid once who ran away the next day!! now do you think the maid actually had time to be beaten or raped?? I don't think so!
    Last but not least, you really shouldn't generalize..

  2. It's so horrible to think that kind of thing happens so frequently. I remember being in a very nice hotel restaurant in Jordan with my family while we were on holiday, when in comes a VERY wealthy family with their obnoxiously loud kids and their maid (who was obviously not a native). She was sat at the furthest end of the table trying to settle the children. While the family eat their food, she sat in silence with nothing in front of her. This was one of my 1st experiences of this, she looked so sad and alone. I know there was probably nothing I could do for her, but I felt so bad for her. I hope wherever she is now, she's alright.

  3. Seriously, Anonymous?!? You spent over 45 minutes here, and viewed 28 different pages. That's an awful lot of time for such "a proud arabic woman who does not agree what-so-ever" to spend at a blog she finds so disagreeable.

  4. Sabra.. is that how long I spent here? hmm, cool.
    But doesn't that prove that I didn't judge what you wrote just by reading one post? Also, me not agreeing with something does not mean I don't read it otherwise how else am I supposed to learn about other peoples' way of thinking?
    Best regards to you ;)

  5. Learn about other peoples' way of thinking by questioning what is wrong with me? Interesting method.

    Had you looked at more than just a selection of posts with regard to how maids here ARE abused you would have seen that there are two occasions when I did praise the way Saudi's took care of their maids instead of just post about how violent Saudi's are. If resources were available with more than just two instances of that happening, I would have blogged about it. Good news does not sell papers. You know that, I know that. I do not have to "dig" for bad news. It is out there for the world to see with just a few clicks of a mouse to either of our local English-language newspapers, both of which are available to anyone and everyone on-line.

    And, you would have realized that I am one of Saudi's biggest advocates for the swiftness of its judicial system - I may not agree with their punishment methods, but I know that prisoners don't linger for eons on the taxpayer's dime, here, like they do in the States. Time and time again I have applauded Saudi for that and have voiced that in DOZENS of posts.

    I think I have also been pretty clear about pointing out that things like abuse of women are not confined to just this part of the world - nor is pedophilia. Although in the States men go to prison for it. Here, on this "side of the world" men marry their victims so apparently that makes it okay. [No. It does not.]

    Perhaps you would have also learned that I make sure to tell the GOOD, here, along with the bad. If there is good - it deserves to be shared and told and I am MORE than willing to do so. Oh, and if you took the time you would find that I have done several posts on the one maid who is accused of killing a baby - although, in fairness to what you said, I do not believe that that was the maid's fault. And finally, I hope you at least realize that although you may not agree with anything I write and may have nothing good to say about the time you spent here, that did not prevent me from posting about your disagreement with me. I do not mind opposing opinions provided they are done respectfully [as yours, for the most part, was].


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