Saturday, February 06, 2010

Caught in the rain. And hail!

Forecast for today? Sunny. No rain expected. This morning was on the overcast side. It rained. Rain only lasts for a few minutes, here, so no big deal. DH has the day off and the golf course is closed on Saturday so no need to schedule our jaunts with The Kids around his having to go to work or his playing golf. I was busy in the kitchen and wanted to watch Glenn Beck so we decided to go afterward. Glenn is on from 10A to 11A. We left the house about 11:15.

As we were walking DH said, "Look at those clouds, it is going to rain again." Sure it is. We were almost home when it started to rain. Really rain. Enough to get wet but not soaked. Enough so that every ten steps or so The Pretty Princess wanted to "shake it off." We were a block from our house when it started to hail! Hail!! Little teeny tiny pieces of hail about the size of a quarter of a pea. Hail. What the??? Yeah. Global warming and all.

It was over just minutes later and now the sun is out. Still not "work" weather, that's for sure. I think it is about 55° outside. Leggings and sweatshirt weather.

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