Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is $6.11 too much to pay for olives?

How much are olives from the deli in the States, now? Is $6.11 too much to pay? For Greek olives stuffed with fetta cheese. A container three-quarters filled the size of a cottage cheese container. Is that a lot? They sure are yummy. But I don't know if they are $6.11 yummy. For olives! And, yes. Of course I took a picture of the price tag and the olives. I am just too technically challenged to post that picture on this laptop. [The small keyboard and my long nails just do not do well together. I feel as though I've done well to do what I've done so far on this little teeny, tiny laptop ten pound relic of a computer. Regular desk top that I can use. That is what I need. Then I will post the pictures. The one of the olives. And, the one that says "Do not put clothing in the toilet." Wednesday or Thursday. In shallah.*]

*In shallah. The term that everyone uses in the Sandbox. It means, loosely, "God willing." "Can I get a cup of coffee, please?" "In shallah." If you search my archives, you will find out how I feel about "in shallah." Do NOT use that with me. I know exactly what it means!


  1. Sounds expensive to me, but they are already stuffed with the cheese, so maybe a nice special treat for yourself. I don't think I have seen those here. Sounds delish!.

    Right Truth

  2. Depends on the brand, but that's not an insane price for stuffed olives.


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