Saturday, February 27, 2010


If Gatorade is looking for someone new to advertise for them, I know a tall blonde very, very handsome golfer that is available. He probably doesn't play quite as well as Tiger does, but pretty darn close! He has a low handicap and he drinks plenty of Gatorade on the course. That should seal it for us.

Do I care about the whole TW thing? Honestly, I don't. I do, however, feel very sorry for his wife who I think he has humiliated beyond belief with his boinking anyone who had a pulse. I feel bad for his children who are someday going to understand what happened. Elin chooses to stay with him? Her choice. I know if it were my DH that did something like that I would have already had divorce papers drawn up. Is what Tiger did any different than a culture that allows ONE man to have FOUR - or sometimes SIX - wives? No. Not really. To each his own, though. As for me? Call me selfish. I just cannot see sharing MY DH with anyone else. THAT is NOT going to happen.

Anyway... Just throwing it out there for Gatorade.

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