Monday, February 01, 2010

Can't beo-tch about everything... the morning starts out "on the wrong side of the bed." The day went uphill from there, though. Hadar won't make a mistake with the towels and the rags, again. Hadar will be on time from now on. I'm over that.

Got a call from UPS. My VSC delivery is here. That was quick! I only just placed the order last week. Everything fits and only two dresses need to be returned because I just don't like them. Three new dresses and two new bathing suits to wear. I'll share more on this tomorrow [I need to do some scanning].

Here is the best thing. A few months ago Showtime and Orbit merged. Up until then, if you wanted certain channels you ordered one, and if you wanted other channels you ordered the other. If you wanted both [and we did] then you paid a small fortune for both satellite networks. Just the cost of living over in the Sandbox. Sometime during the night the channels all changed. What used to be on channel 295 is now something completely different. I knew the channels I needed and I knew exactly where to find them. Fox News, Showtime Comedy, Discovery Channel and History Channel. So, this morning, I turned the television on - what the ?!? Getting all ready to continue the conniption fit I started earlier with the towel situation and whoa!!! We have a NEW channel.

Discovery I.D. Crime "stuff" 24/7 - 365. How exciting is that?!! I saw the channel advertised some months back but didn't know that we had it. For all I know, it has been there all along and I just didn't know where to find it. [Not really a surprise considering how technically challenged I am.] Now? The channel is programmed into favorites. It IS the prefect knitting / sewing channel along with Fox News. Does life get any better? No. Sometimes it is just perfect.


  1. Took me about an hour to get rescan the decoder. Tried reading the book that came with it. May as well been in Chinese. Hubby is away on business, otherwise he would have saved me that headache. Putting the faves in the bouquet, (don't you just love that name for the favorites?), WILL wait until he gets back. The decoder is NOT Linda friendly.

  2. No kidding, Linda! A friend called me yesterday and asked me "how do I do..." Are you kidding? You are asking me? The most technically challenged woman on this side of the world? Forget it. Call someone to come do it for you. That is what we did. That cute little decoder is NOT Sabra friendly, either. Oh, and neither are those directions which they touted on the commercials as being "Do this, do that, hit enter. Viola. Done." B.S.!


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