Sunday, February 21, 2010

News. Not posted very "prettily."

"Prettily." That is a word, isn't it?

Let's just see how this will work. I can assure you it won't be pretty. But I'm going for it.

One thing in the news this past week: A man has been sentenced to 120 lashes for having more than his fair share of allotted wives. Men are allowed four. He had six. See here: [I told you this would not be pretty. Trying to post on a lap top. Arrgh!] Without getting into what position he held working as an employee of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, he still should have known that he was only entitled to FOUR wives even if he only had an elementary school education. Will he now have to eliminate two of his six wives? Three of them are illegal. So that should help him decide which to choose. Ahh, true love. Isn't it grand? Read the comments at the story if for nothing more than amusement. Six wives. How do you even do that? Each woman gets to spend one night a week with you and one of them gets lucky enough for two nights a week? This whole practice of more than one wife is just something I will never be able to understand. Sharing a husband with another woman - or with several women. Nope. I won't be able to get past the "uggh" and "how disgusting" factor of it. To each his own I guess...

Another happening was a Saudi prince who murdered his aide in a London hotel room. Since it didn't happen in the Sandbox it likely won't be swept under the rug as easily as it could or would have been, here. The story is here:

[Yes, I tried to do "links" in the usual manner but they didn't work.]

Seems like there was something else. Ah! The United Airlines plane that was forced to make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City a few days ago. Virtually nothing about this in the news or by bloggers. Saw it first on Fox. Figured for sure it would be all over blogs the next day. Didn't see it on any of the blogs I visited, though. Are we going to be given more information? Did authorities figure out who the note came from? Was it from one of the passengers? A disgruntled employee [you'd have to be really, really disgruntled to pull such a stunt!]? Perhaps this wasn't really "news" because it was just slightly over-shadowed by the man who flew his plane into the IRS building in Texas. You have to admire the man if for nothing more than his conviction. The United Airlines "news" is here:,2933,586602,00.html.

Yeah, there is lots more going on. But this is painful. Using a laptop for a very unpretty post. I gave it a good try. Will be reconnected with the desktop that I can use, soon.


  1. "You have to admire the man if for nothing more than his conviction."

    Do you also admire those that flew planes into the World Trade Center, at least for their convictions?

    Methinks what you're admiring more is the color of his skin. If he wasn't white, no doubt you'd be screaming about terrorists and blaming Obama for it.

    There is nothing admirable about this man's actions.

  2. Methinks your analogy is just a bit off, Anonymous. An AMERICAN fed up with government versus 19 FOREIGNERS who hate AMERICA? Hardly the same.

    Color of the guy's skin??! What does that have to do with it?

    Do you really, honestly, believe that my hatred for the jugearedjackass has to do with the color of his skin? That could not be farther from the truth and it has absolutely nothing to do with my hatred of the man.

  3. I didn't hear much about the United Airlines plane. United Flight 741, there was a note that contained a bomb threat found in a food cart that appeared serious enough for the plane to be diverted.

    There was also an oil leak, unknown at the time the flight diverted.

    According to a report at Salt Lake City's, passengers were a tad upset that they had to sit on the tarmac, inside the plane, after a bomb threat. That does sound creepy. (Maggie's Notebook )

    Right Truth


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