Friday, February 12, 2010

For The Kids

All that meat I cooked a week or so ago? Two days in the kitchen. 70 pounds of beef. 52 pounds of chicken. Exhaust fan on high - for the entire process - because it smells so dayum awful [especially for someone who doesn't eat either beef or poultry!].

Two showers a day are required during operation "meat cooking." Not complaining [well, okay, maybe a little bit I am], because it is for The Kids.

Are they not just two or the most adorable four-legged children you have ever laid your eyes on! Yeah. I'm just a tad biased...

The meat, raw, beef and chicken:

Chicken thawing in the sink:

Seven packages of the beef, at a time, in the pan.

I can only cook four packages of chicken in the small pan.

There is a lot - A LOT - of fat in the beef.

None in the chicken.

Oh, but it is all halal* so that makes it okay.

Cooked. Measured and bagged. Frozen. An entire freezer full. Ready for mixing with food from The Honest Kitchen for the next three months.

*halal - where animals are slaughtered in a most barbaric, but specific way, by first man-handling the animal into a head lock before its little throat is slit [almost enough to make me want to force The Kids to be vegetarian, too]


  1. Umm, don't they sell dog food that comes in cans and large bags an' stuff? Looking at that supposedly-halal beef -- and you sure it's really beef, and not like rabid camel or ground kaffir, or something -- your dogs are probably better off eating meat by-products like spleen and snouts than that stuff.

    I wouldn't feed that beef that fatty to a democrat.

  2. Why not cook enough for just a week or two?
    Less of an ordeal.
    Why cook it at all? Dogs can handle raw goodies.

  3. You cook all that mean at one time? What in the heck for? Is that ground chicken? I don't understand. Why not just cook it daily as you need it for a recipe? Looks like an awful lot of work at one time. You said you don't eat meat, so this is for your hubby? Oh wait, you said it was for your babies? They are really cute. More info please...

    Right Truth

  4. You're a Veggie? Go figure.

  5. Some vegetarians do it for personal health reasons and they tend to be tolerant of other people's diets; it's the philisophical vegetarians who proselytize like theocratic facists. Speaking of lyfe-style facists, that little poodle girl has a much higher carbon footprint than i do, and when the green nazis are finished threatening skaters and breaking windows in Vancouver they may set their solar-powered latte-enflamed-eyes on spoiled puppy kids. "Is your DOG biting GAIA?"

  6. OMG @ these comments, seriously?


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