Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Day - And No Time For This Crap!

The crap that has invaded my sinuses. Nasty. Surely it is the dust. And, although it has greatly subsided, it is still out there. Harming everyone who breathes it in. Benadryl is helping, but makes me want to take very, very long naps - which, today, I do not have time for. So much for working lately. That has been a near impossibility with the dust. Pool gets cleaned in the morning - is dirty a couple hours later. It is a giant bowl of water masquerading as a dust magnet!

Head is pounding, right behind my eyes. Cannot hear properly - like hearing through a tunnel or something. Nose is puffy and swollen. Eyes are red and runny. And, don't you know we have big plans. Feel like crap. Time to put my big girl panties on and get with the program. Oh - and speaking of the pool cleaning guy... A whole 'nother story for tomorrow.


  1. Might be time for an atibiotic, Miss Sabra.
    When I get that bad, that's what I do.

  2. hope you will be feeling better soon,


  3. You might be right Linda... Although actually not bothered today as badly so perhaps it is finally clearing up? I hope!

  4. Have you thought of trying nasal irrigation? Do it in the morning and the evening and it will clear up a lot of your sinus problems.

  5. Nasacort AQ works wonders for me.
    It's a long term allergy medication.

    Good luck!


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