Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Front Page? Nope. Not here.

"Adulterous Saudi princess granted UK asylum feared death by flogging and stoning."

Why isn't that in one of our two newspapers today? Apparently it is not news in The Sandbox.

"The Saudi Arabian princess, who is in secret British asylum after giving birth to an illegitimate child, told the British Asylum Tribunal that her country's law would award her killing by flogging and stoning if she was made to return home." I don't know if that would actually happen - I have yet to see a report of a stoning here - but I am not disputing it, either. Flogging, on the other hand... The article says that the woman "comes from a very wealthy Saudi family," is married to a member of the Royal Family, and that she met her "English boyfriend... during a visit to London." Doesn't appear as though she will be back to visit The Sandbox anytime soon ever again.

[H/T from Joseph. Thanks!]


  1. And isn't it odd that only women can commit adultry? I guess 4 wives and all the side fluff floating around the world, children included, isn't considered adultry.

  2. Isn't it obvious to you, Linda, that it IS the women that are the problem, here? [sarc off]


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