Monday, July 27, 2009

Pool Man is Back!

He has no idea how happy I was to see him this morning. I am glad that he is back. Not that Joo-wee wasn't going to do a good job... I just wanted to make sure that our "old" pool guy was okay. And, he is. Dayum. Had I of known he'd be here this morning I would have baked muffins. I'll have them ready for Wednesday morning, though. And serve them with a big glass of milk and his favorite juice [strawberry].

I'm sure I've mentioned it before - we have the best juice in the world here. Nada makes it. Could do with a little less sugar, but it sure is tasty stuff! My favorite is the Kiwi-Lime...


  1. And you may honestly tell him that even people back in the United States are happy to hear that he is back.

    People do care, sir, and *I* especially care about anyone who will sacrifice his comfort for his family and will work for a living rather than not doing so.

  2. I for one am relieved that the sponsor is getting his fifty percent again. I was worried the sponsor might have to settle for the the five dollar ghutra.

  3. So very happy to hear that good news about your gentleman who cleans the pool! So glad to hear he was able to come back. I sure hope he got some muffins and juice!!

  4. I wonder if Jasmis - the arab version of McDonalds - is in SA. It is in Bahrain.

  5. I don't know if he understood a word I said this morning, Bob@thenest, but I did tell we that "EVERYONE was happy to see him back." His response? A smile and a "Yes, Madam."

    The sponsor did something to get him back here. He knew that he needed to be working so that he could get his cut.

    Muffins, milk, strawberry juice, and chicken florentine for his lunch today, Anonymous!

    We have a gazillion regular McDonald's, Steve. I'm not sure about Jasmis, though... You thinking he could get a job there? I'd rather have him cleaning my pool!


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