Monday, July 27, 2009

...more gruesome than yesterday?

At least equally so...

A Saudi man was beheaded yesterday for shooting and killing a compatriot. Interesting that he can be identified by both name and nationality. It must be okay only in certain circumstances. No idea what the count is up to at this point. But, we know we can add at least two more...

These two, who were arrested for the rape of an 18-year-old Chadian girl. According to the report, there are four men involved, all Chadian. Only a couple of hours after the victim reported the crime to police the men were caught. No indication of whether or not they have confessed to their crime, yet [expect it, though], and whether or not the two have identified the other two men who were involved. When that happens, add four to the running total...

Depending on which report you read, either four or five women of Arab origin - but not "locals" - have been arrested for running a prostitution ring. One report says that there were a "number of male clients," who are not identified by nationality. Care to guess? And, were they arrested too?

Three youths have been arrested after they were found to have a metal detector "concealed" in their vehicle, along with "a compass and books on how to practice magic." Who knew it was not permissible to have a metal detector? You know those things that you see men at the beach walking around with that scanning thing to find things people have lost in the sand? That would certainly explain why the "youths" had "large quantities of halala coins." Of course, they're going to have some 'splaining to do as to why they had the books and talismans. No mention of their nationality. Heck, there is not even any mention of whether or not they were male or female. Let's guess they were males. If they were females they wouldn't have been driving - and if they were - then that would have been the story. And if they were in mixed company? Whoa!!! That'd be the story because there is no mixing of the xeses allowed. Ever.

This guy is in big trouble. Twenty kilograms of hashish hidden in his vehicle? That's what? Like 44 pounds! I have no idea what even one pound of the stuff would look like. But how do you hide 44 pounds?!? That is more than just enough for personal consumption, isn't it? He had seven family members with him who did not know that they were in a vehicle carrying that kind of contraband. Supposedly. No matter. Say good-bye to your husband or your father whoever you seven other family members are. [Oh, and again, no mention of his nationality.]

Another group of teenagers arrested for trying to blackmail women. Blah, blah, blah. This is the "in" crime in The Sandbox. Happens every single day and no one - NO ONE - is learning from the mistakes of others. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be comical.

This headline is deceptive: "Cheating runs in the family." Thought for sure I was going to read about another philandering husband. Nope. Instead it is about a man wearing a woman's abeya and sneaking in to the "females-only market" when only a couple of days earlier a man related to him tried the "same trick."

Just another disposable housemaid. She committed suicide. An Indonesian housemaid. Must be important for us to know that. Although, reports on housemaids do NOT need mention the nationality. We know who they are not. Her sponsor was "shocked." I bet he was. In the same article, it is reported that ten people were arrested yesterday and accused of distributing "smut." Telling, isn't it? That the housemaid is not even worthy of her own article.


  1. This is terrible news...

  2. Where do you even buy a metal detector? And why conceal it? Did they know it was/is not allowed? I sure do want a cache of coins, seeing that it is not illegal here (Oman), mebbe.

    And are all vehicles checked or is there a random check which turned up the 40 pounds? 44 pounds. It's midly surprising if rape and blackmail perpetrators can be caught after only couples of hours.


  3. I have always been curious about those blackmail pictures. How do these jerks get them? From the stories we get, they are cell phone pics. Living in the land of BMO's, (black moving objects), who would know the identity? I mean this is the scenario I see. Guy walking down the street, sees BMO, click pic. How exactly does one get blackmail material out of that? Otherwise, we have some complicity going on somewhere.

  4. Magical accoutrements might mean absolutly anything that the PVPV guys do not recognize. I recall a school teacher being lashed for practicing magic (in the rustic northern villages of the sandbox) because he had a barometer that could predict rain storms. The "books on how to practice magic" might have been just he instruction manual for their GPS.


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