Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Errands: Part of An Actual Plan

Do not know how I will handle my life once we return to the States. I have been so "privileged" here that it is going to come as a shock at some point when I realize I no longer have those "privileges" that I am so blessed with now. It will, no doubt, hit me and hard. BAM!

This morning doing errands... first to the bank to cash a check. Get there when the bank opens and there are no lines, no waiting. In and out. In just a couple of minutes. A good thing and no reason to complain about going to the bank today.

Then to the Commissary. Have quite a list of things I need. Juice, coffee, bread, meat... But while I am there want to order a delivery for water and soda. How cool is that that you can order cases of water and cases of soda and have them delivered to your door?! It is a good thing. So, I have my cart full of the stuff from my list - but not the water and soda. I am also at the Commissary early so it is virtually empty of shoppers - just a few other women and only a couple of children. Mr. Check-out does the scanning of all of my groceries and Mr. Bag Man bags them - properly. Important to note that - properly, meaning that cleaning products are not in the same bag as the bread or the tomatoes. I get the total and pay it.

I motion for one of the two Cart Guy's to go ahead and take my cart and hand him my keys. He will take my buggy full of groceries directly to my truck, unlock the truck, unload the buggy of its contents and put it into the back of the truck, lock the truck and deliver my keys to me in a matter of minutes. Just name ONE grocery store in the States where you can get that kind of service! As Cart Guy takes off to do his thing with my full cart, I ordered a half dozen cases of Diet 7-UP and a half dozen cases of Diet Coke and three cases of water to be delivered. They will be here this evening and the delivery guys will stack them neatly in our garage for me. In the meantime, I pay for that.

I leave the Commissary and as I am walking to the parking lot, Cart Guy is headed my direction with the empty cart. I get my keys from Cart Guy and in exchange give him a "little something" [these guys depend on us for a little extra money - I hope everyone tips them!]. I get home and open the back of the truck and get ready to unload it, but I only carry in one armful of bags. Inom is still here, and as soon as I enter with an armful of bags, he comes running to ask, "Is there more Ma'am?" Oh yeah there is. And off he goes to unload the truck and get the rest of the groceries.

Did I plan my trip - my errands - this morning this way? Oh, you bet I did. It is hot. It is sunny. It is still dusty out. And, I've got all this great help to do the lion's share of work for me here in The Sandbox. Just one of the things I am grateful for, every single day that we are here!


  1. P.J.O'Rourke wrote back in '92 that you could leave your watch, wallet and keys on top of your car when you went to lunch in Riyahd and they'd be there when you got back. Something about hands and heads coming off.

    oh, and on body parts getting lost:

  2. Personally I am not sure how you do it. There are priviledges, but on the other hand you are practically in jail. Hope the dust has let up for you.

  3. Just try driving around Riyahd without a headcovering.

    That you will be able to do in the States.

  4. Can ALWAYS count on you vermindust...

    Dust has let up, finally, Kat. Thank goodness. I cannot look at it as a jail - much as it may be - or I'd never be able to get out of bed in the morning. You do what you have to do in life, and when life gives you lemons you can either make lemonade or margaritas. I choose the latter...

    Have no desire to venture to Riyahd, Findalis. None. Whatsoever. Will consider myself fortunate that, at least for the time being, I don't have to wear a head-covering, here in the Eastern Province.


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