Friday, July 31, 2009

Sand Being Blamed

Surely it was a contributing factor, but it is not likely the sole cause of PCRC. Six dead. Let's be frank. If all that was left from a head-on collision between two vehicles was "mangled steel" the drivers were going too fast. But the individual driver or speed could not possibly be a factor, right? It is never the driver's fault. That would mean accepting some "personal responsibility." And we all know that is an impossibility. Driving here in The Sandbox is something that must be experienced. You cannot actually believe it until you see it for yourself. My descriptions [in the archives] do not do the traffic and driving situation justice.

The season for maid demand is upon us - coming fast. The "holidays" here - where Ramadan is celebrated for an entire month. It starts in about three weeks. The article in today's Saudi Gazette is quite telling with regard to this "must find a maid now" dilemma. "...housewives are frantically searching for a professional maid to help them with the extra housework and with preparing special meals..." What did you do for housework before? How is there extra housework now? Who prepared your meals? The maids speak out: "When we ask for certain things, the housewife always accepts all of our demands, but after we arrive at the house, everything changes." Bingo! That is the money statement. According to one wife - who has five children - her demands are that the maid "is able to work for long hours every day... a maid who can work for long hours in the kitchen, and keep silent without becoming angry or complaining." My gosh. Who wouldn't want to work under those circumstances? As is always reported when an article on housemaids is published, there is the usual and customary explanation as to why maids do not fare well in many homes in The Sandbox: "The main reason that maids leave their employers it the bad treatment they receive." Bad treatment? If by that you mean horrific abuse! Let's not forget this one: "A large number of maids who complain of the treatment that they received in their employers' homes, in addition to not receiving their salaries." [Emphasis, mine.] Bad treatment for no pay. The word is getting out. Do not go to the Middle East to become a housemaid!


  1. Don't you just love the feeling of entitlement the natives of this country have? They would fit right in with the welfare crowd in the US wouldn't they?

  2. Oh, Linda, you have that SOOOO right!!!


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