Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memo To: The Censors in The Sandbox

Not every single blog that has the "F-word" in it has to do with "XES!"

Why - WHY - WHY! do they ALL have to be blocked?!!!

Probably this will come as a surprise, but amazingly enough, not everyone has a one-track mind in this part of the world. Some of us just want to be informed and enlightened. Bloggers use the word - the "f-word" in anger and to make a point. And usually, when the word is used like that, the posting they have done has absolutely nothing to do with "Forced Unlawful Carna1 Knowledge" ing.


  1. that sucks...

  2. Mother frogging frack headed fuggs. (That's my at-work cussing.)

  3. Then my should certainly be locked down. Darn...

  4. There are a lot of sites that are blocked here, Angie. Getting used to it.

    I wish that's what people would use in their post titles, vermindust, instead of the "other" word.

    Dick - Your site is what made me write this post! I wanted to make a comment on the "fng idiot" post. But noooo. Cannot do so. You used a bad word so it is blocked!!! [Can you change the post title?]

  5. One word...satelite

  6. My site wouldn't last a day over there!

    I feel for you.


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