Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Driver rapes girl

I suspect that drivers - both ex-pat and local - accost and try to rape more women here than we are told about. If this report is true, and supposedly there is proof - it was taped and put on the man's computer, then the driver deserves whatever punishment he receives. The punishment cannot be severe enough. He allegedly raped a little ten-year-old girl on more than one occassion promising her toys and giving her 5 or 10 riyals [$1.34 or $2.68] in return, and raped a couple of other children as well. I don't care what nationality he is - and of course the short little blurb has that information - death penalty is the only acceptable outcome.

Why do I say that I suspect drivers are probably more guilty of this crime than we are made aware of? Because I do know of one case in particular, that happened right here where I live, where a young woman got in a cab one night to go to the airport and her Saudi taxi-cab driver tried to rape her. The young woman resisted and the driver beat the crap out of her with a tire iron. She ended up in the hospital. Rumors run rampant on small compounds and if the nurses who treated the young woman would not have spoken up about the rape then we would all be lead to believe it never happened. Authorities did their best to cover it up and pretend it did not take place. There was never a report in either of our papers about it, either. We will likely never know what happened to the Saudi driver that tried to rape the young woman and then severely beat her. And that is why I suspect it happens more frequently than we are told about. If women were allowed to drive this would not be an issue - not even for the little ten-year-old girl because her mother could drive her to school. But, since women will never be allowed to drive here, getting into a car with a driver requires caution...

And, finally, as to why women will never be able to drive here??? Has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or society. Has to do with control. Men letting women drive their own cars will no longer have control. I don't recall who it was that was telling me, fairly recently, that a couple women were talking about this and a Saudi man interjected and said that the reason women will never be allowed to drive here is because they are afraid the women would leave. Interesting, I think. This control issue.


  1. I just can't for the life of me understand how these women don't get together and DO something. There has got to be a strong Saudi woman out there that can inspire them to stand up for themselves.

    (They can't kill all the women can they?)

  2. Of course men would benefit the most from women being able to drive. If only they understood.

  3. Never made sense to me why Saudi women are not allowed to drive but yet is okay for them to be driven around by strange men. I prefer to drive myself here in the states rather than be alone with a strange man in a car, even if he is a taxi driver. I'm not religious, just don't like it...freaks me out.

  4. It has nothing to do with religion or anything else but control, Anonymous. And I, for one, will never understand it.


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