Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Headed to Singapore

Leaving. In three hours. Not taking DH's laptop. I'll have some computer access at our friend's house, but plan on being far too busy doing "touristy" things [I'll be the blonde American woman with the camera NOT dressed in a black bag!], and doing "normal" things. For 11 days. Oh, joy! I will miss The Kids. They will be fine... I've left lists and notes and all the food is measured and bagged individually for each Kid - all clearly marked and labeled, of course. Hopefully I can find a great toy story in Singapore and will bring them both presents when I return.

I would like to extend a big welcome to all of the new visitors that have arrived here, in the last 24 hours, all 350 of you!, via View From The Porch. I regret I am leaving just as you have discovered me, but I will be returning and will continue to post. Please enjoy my archives. Pictures and all sorts of good stuff there. Two good, recent posts, with a sampling of my life here in The Sandbox are my visit to the delicious cheese bread bakery and pictures of "Meat Street." Please do come back and visit when I return.

And to the rest of you - the friends I have made that visit me often - see y'all in less than two weeks! [If you shoot me an e-mail - I will be checking it - and if you would like a post card from Singapore, just give me the information I need and you WILL get one...]

Oh, and thanks to everybody who responded to my first ever "poll" about what to do with our old truck and 3L. I do believe DH has been influenced by the results.

I'm off and I promise to have a WONDERFUL TIME!


  1. Argghh there are hundreds of blonde American ladies (and Australian and British) in Singapore!! Its kind of like our second home. Hope you are having a great time. Im looking forward to reading what you did and what you thought about the little red dot at the bottom of Malaysia. We will be there in about a month too for our fill of movie theatres and air conditioning.

  2. Hi Sabra,

    I am one of he visitors, along with my brother. It is amazing here. I was caught in the shamal yesterday but took some amazing pictures.

    I would like to drop off a cookbook that my wife wrote (and signed). Should I just drop it on your front porch for your husband to bring in? Amazing, the first house I lived in is less than 1/2 block north of your house.

    Sorry we will miss you. Also sound like you will miss some incredible parties.

    You have a safe and fun trip.

  3. Have lots of fun...and take oodles of pics...Singapore is a very clean beautiful country...or so Ive heard...sigh! Never been.

    See ya later today.

  4. Enjoy your time away, Sabra!

    You will be missed, have fun!

  5. First opportunity at a computer. Sorry for not responding.

    Netlander - did Preet answer the door? I would luv a cookbook! Thank you so much. I regret not being there to meet you.

    I am NOT good on a laptop. Responses and posting waits until I am home again, next week.

  6. I gather this is a vacation for you, Sabra?

    I wish you a safe and happy trip! You can read about my summer planned trip over on my blog.

  7. well this is ironic... I chance upon this blog because of a shadow gallery song and I realise the blog author is coming to singapore? Hope you're enjoying your stay!

  8. Can't wait to hear all your stories, Miss Sabra!


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