Monday, March 30, 2009

What the He11 is Wrong With People

I don't mean here. Which, of course, isn't to say that The Sandbox doesn't have its share of deviants. It does. But I mean in the States. Last week there was piece of sh!t lovelle mixon killing four police officers and wounding another because he was a yellow-bellied somethingorother that didn't want to have to go back to prison - for the rape of a TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL.

Yesterday morning Robert Stewart killed seven residents of a nursing home and a nurse - for no particular, yet known, reason - and injured others, including a police officer. According to this, "Stewart was not a patient or an employee at the nursing home and isn't believed to be related to any of the victims." Just another piece of sh!t who believes it is alright for him to terrorize innocent [mostly elderly!] men and women and take their lives on a whim.



  1. These are exactly the reasons I think there needs to be WAY more strict gun control in the US and Canada, like, maybe no guns?

    How does any yahoo off the street just get a gun? There's something really wrong with that.

    If there are no guns, then no one would need guns. It's cyclical.

    I feel really sorry for all those involved.

  2. I disagree with you on this one, AIO, but we can agree to disagree. If there are no guns then ONLY criminals are going to have guns. Me? I don't know how to use one. DH does. I feel safer knowing we have them than not. "How does any yahoo off the street get a gun?" The same way he gets drugs or anything else illegal. Stricter much more severe punishments are needed for criminals. That is the solution.

  3. Angry in Oman - i disagree wholeheartedly. disarm the legal gun owners, and you would still have criminals with firearms. it won't stop them OR slow them fact, it'll give them greater license to kill those of us who follow the law.

    How does any yahoo off the street just get a gun? There's something really wrong with that.

    i agree, there is. there's a black market for firearms...and it isn't at gun shows, or pawn shops, or at regular gun shops.

    do not, however, propose that i should give up the only means i have to protect myself.

    finally, keep one thing in mind - take away firearms, and the criminals would still kill us. ban them completely, like in England, and knife-related murders would rise. take away knives, and they'd find another form to kill innocents. guns aren't the problem - people are.

  4. FightinBluHen513/30/2009 07:28:00 PM

    Please pick up two books Angry in Oman before you try to spout off at the mouth. The first one you should read will be The Biased Against Guns. In this book, in the first chapter, you will find the "emotional" and lopsided appeal found in the mainstream media. You will also find the "balance" of local/rural media about defensive gun uses, and the sheer facts of how biased your knowledge really is.

    The second book was written prior to the first one and it is More Guns, Less Crime. Both books are by John R. Lott. The second uses published FBI crime reports and state crime statistics and does statistical analysis on them in a very detailed and scientific way, thus taking the raw emotion out of the "news."

    Once you have read those books, please come back and discuss without the "emotional" sense and with the more logical and rational "factual" sense.

  5. Haven't read either of those books, FightinBluHen51, myself.

    I do seem to recall, though vaguely, an incident which took place at night when we lived in Nashville, Tennessee in the late 60's. A man came into our house. No one was hurt, but my Dad slept with a switchblade under his pillow afterward for a long time... A gun would have taken care of it then and there. My Dad didn't have a gun.

  6. Seems the killer's estranged wife worked at the nursing home. I'm willing to bet he was gunning for her

  7. Where'd you see that, Coolred? I thought yesterday they said he wasn't a "relative" of anyone who worked there. So, ex-relative then, by marriage? Either way, just another POS that shouldn't have been allowed to take out whatever bad feelings he may have had on innocent lives! [The "ex" wasn't even there at the time of the rampage, was she?] Thanks for the info.


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