Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pool's Full

And about to overflow. A couple of Rev's guys came yesterday morning to do some clean-up work in the pool and then threw the hose in it and turned it on before they left. I was out doing errands. Got home and there was all of three inches of water in the pool. DH said later, after he got home from playing golf, "It is going to take at least two days to fill it." Wrong! DH had to work at four o'clock this morning. Apparently it didn't occur to him to check the pool before he left. I woke up a little before seven, went out to the kitchen to get coffee going, looked out the window - and whoa! The pool is full! Less than twenty-four hours. So much for it taking a couple of days. Of course the pump isn't on - it isn't even hooked up. How long before Rev comes by to take care of that, I wonder...


  1. OK!! Im doing a cannonball right my head...sigh! If I did one in real life I do believe I could get all that water back out in far less time then it took to put in.

  2. I must say it looks pretty nice compared to Mpls, MN right now! Enjoy! Is it against Sharia Law for you to swim in it?

  3. Last one in's a rotten egg!

    (It looks beautiful, Miss Sabra)

  4. The water all the way to the edge made me nervous to have The Kids out there - who knows how they see things? I thought for sure The Boy would try to walk over it - thankfully he didn't, Coolred. He would have made quite a SPLASH!

    Can't imagine MN weather / winter right now, Econmom! Burrr!!! Thankfully whatever laws are in place don't apply to my own back yard. Otherwise I'd have to be fairly well covered just to go in the pool...

    Still too cold, DL. I did put my big toe in yesterday though. I'm happy to have it done, finally... Gee. That only took two and a half months.


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