Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Looks Like A Fire, It's Just Dust

It isn't. It is another dust / sand storm. Rolled in quickly late yesterday afternoon. Closed airports... Click here to see a picture. Remember our storm a couple of weeks ago? One paper reported NO accidents because of the effectiveness of awareness programs [um-hmm, really] and the other reported 47 accidents. Yesterday, according to one paper, there were "30 road accidents across the city by around 4 P.M. serious injuries though." According to the other paper - the same one that reported NO accidents during the last storm - there were "over 70 road accidents."

It is still dark outside so I can't tell whether we are being hit by the sand storm as hard as has been reported, in the Eastern Province. If we are and it is that nasty out, there will be no walk for The Kids today. The Boy has dust allergies. Man-o-man, is he gonna suffer. Poor little guy.

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