Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some More "Stuff" You Just Can't Make Up


A Saudi woman, who, by the way, is fully identified by her real name, gave birth to a baby boy [also named] at the airport in Bahrain. She is "married" to an Ethiopian man who works in Qatar. The Saudi woman "was with her father waiting for a flight" when oopsie - baby's coming! [Aren't women in late stages of pregnancy supposed to NOT fly?] The woman's marriage, because she is a Saudi, has been declared "illegal and the baby a foreigner." Health officials, contacted yesterday, according to this report in today's Arab News "refused to confirm whether the Saudi mother had been issued a birth certificate" for her new baby boy. "Saudis wanting to marry non-Saudis must first obtain marriage permits... but this can take months to years." Apparently certain marriages are legal, "but not acceptable under Saudi rules." Anyone care to guess how long it takes for this Saudi woman to get a birth certificate for the baby?

6,000 "criminals" have been arrested in Jeddah. Overstayers. They are criminals. If this country can keep track of who is here illegally, why can't the United States? Officials here do not fool around with these people. You are here illegally? You get put in jail until you can be sent home. No such thing as the ACLU, here, working and fighting on behalf of criminals and their rights. Best thing that could happen in the States would be for the ACLU to be abolished and for authorities and courts to take a few lessons on how justice is best served. Saudi is a prime example and would be a most excellent model to follow in many regards. Just my opinion.

I find it more than a little interesting that the newspapers do not hesitate to fully name a Saudi woman who is married to an Ethiopian, but will NOT name a "youth" who has kidnapped and raped several little boys. The "youth's" nationality isn't even given - which means you can guess with 100% certainty... The "youth" - let's not mince words - he is a pedophile - who raped a little 3-year-old boy and left him in the desert has been implicated in a couple more abductions and rapes of little boys. Oh, and it is okay to give the name of the little 3-year-old boy who was raped! What is wrong with this picture?!? Beside the obvious... One report states that the "suspect reportedly snatched children and raped them before leaving them to their fate in remote areas. Police said a recent victim, a child who died... had caused him to cease his activities for a month." Does this mean that if the little 3-year-old wouldn't have died that the pedophile would still be out there working the neighborhoods looking for more little boys? Another report says, "an eight-year-old boy was found walking on the side of the road with his school backpack. The boy said a man took him in his car but later dropped him off unharmed." Yeah. You were one of the lucky ones. Probably too old for the pedophile. It is pretty obvious he likes them really young. Please let there be justice served to the pedophile, appropriately, somewhere. [I'm thinking Bubba and all his buddies in prison while the guards are too busy having tea to notice...]

The verdict that CNN reported yesterday, about the 75-year-old woman who has been sentenced to 40 lashes and 4 months in jail did get reported in one of our newspapers today. It will be interesting to see the reaction which readers can submit directly to the Saudi Gazette. I'll keep and eye on it for the next day or so and see what gets said and make sure that the outrage gets posted. Of course, provided there is outrage. Oh, there's gotta be. Right?


  1. "...care to guess how long it takes ... to get a birth certificate?" I think it will make a fine birthday present when he turns forty.
    Concerning this un-named pederast (and murderer) with the named victems: are male children as unvalued as adult woman or is the perpetrator from a well-connected family? I doubt he will share a cell with any peasants.

  2. It is my understanding that any male is worth two females. Who knows if the pedophile is from a well connected family. Good grief, I hope NOT.

    "...fine birthday present when he turns forty." Good one. Can count on you for those, Vermindust!

  3. Looks like a future US President in the making! Look at what we have now.

  4. The "illegal" baby, you mean, right, Pops1911? Yeah. Give him just a few years - he can set a new record - as youngest illegal President - and surpass barry's. They will both have a LOT in common!


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