Sunday, March 22, 2009


Because if I'm going to read the papers, I may as well blog on what I've read.

From the "you just can't make this stuff up" file we have this. "Make sure your wife is not your sister!" Not kidding. Has to do with wet-nurses who have breast-fed children, other than their own, who become "brother and sister." Yeah. Okay. Honestly I had no idea that wet-nurses were something so common. But then, I'm beyond my baby-making years, so it really isn't something I've even had to give a nanosecond of thought to. Apparently the problem is that "there is no official system of documenting the names and identities of children who have been breast-fed by a woman" so "some young men and women end up accidentally marrying someone suckled by their own wet nurse." For the love of Pete, HOW CAN YOU NOT remember WHO you breast-fed for goodness sake?!? And, if you've breast-fed that many children, that are not your own... Seriously? "This can cause difficulties when couples find out later in life. If they have children, then things can be an even bigger problem." I do not pretend to understand all the nuances and I am quite certain that I never will. You know. Things like it is perfectly fine to marry your first-cousin and such, but not your "sister" or "brother" who even though they are of no blood relation to you becomes your sibling because you both had the same wet-nurse. Whatever.

An Indian man has been beaten by his sponsor [employer] with an iron rod for not getting his work done on time. The man is still in the hospital recovering. There is another employee who had been abused as well. Both of the employees are identified by first-name and nationality. The employer? He's anonymous. Someone needs to give the sponsor / employer an attitude adjustment with an iron rod, if you ask me. How about a little jail time and a hefty fine? Oh, and by all means, do identify him by name and nationality and put his picture on the front page of the paper.

Death by natural causes? Calling B.S. on this. You do NOT die of natural causes and end up in a suitcase. Nope. That just is NOT natural. "Today is going to be my last day in this world. I think I'll curl up in a suitcase and put myself outside where someone will find me." The article says, "the body seems to be of an illegal woman who died of natural causes. Her family, or acquaintances, feared questioning and discarded the body. It has happened several times in Jeddah." I stand corrected. Apparently this is just natural. Certainly no more unusual than a body being found in a pool of blood in an apartment, or on the side of the road covered with tire tracks. Nothing unnatural, there.

I could add more. There is really nothing earth-shattering. Blackmailers using pictures on mobiles and pcrc. Same old, same old. Back to life in The Sandbox.


  1. oh!

    the last is the weird most!

  2. Heh. Reminds me of a case in the late 1940's in Boston in which it was decided that a man had comitted suicide. By shooting himself in the back. Seventeen times.

  3. You mean the one with the tire tracks, Bobby? Weird, alright. And, murder!

  4. Heh. Suicide in the back. Seventeen times. Case closed. Died, curled up in a suitcase. Natural death. I'll have to do a little Googling to find the Boston "suicide," John. Was that how it was left? Seriously? A suicide?!?

  5. I found your blog through another blog, "The Religious Policeman." I found your blog very interesting although it is very hard for me to understand a culture in this day and age that would arrest a 75 year old woman, or a woman of any age, because she is alone with unrelated men. Don't get me wrong, I understand the reason, I just can't understand the reasoning.

  6. The Religious Policeman was my inspiration to start blogging, Newcoach. He wrote some great stuff! I was saddened by his decision to stop blogging.

    You are hardly alone in not being able to understand a culture, "in this day and age," that would arrest a 75 year old woman and sentence her to be lashed and jailed. What reasoning? There is none. The Sandbox, more often than not, is a "LFZ." [Logic free zone.]


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