Friday, March 20, 2009

Real Computer

Sitting at a "real" computer versus a laptop.  Have had it available but was scared of it because it is a Mac.  Whoa.  Is it nice!  Enjoying Singapore.  Hot and humid.  Sticky all the time.  Lush and green.  Two more full days - then back to life in The Sandbox.  Loads of photos.  Lots of video, too.  Missing my Kids.  I always do.  Home soon...


  1. So glad that you are having a good time in lush,green Singapore. Bet you will welcome the dry climate of 'home'. Enjoy!

  2. Hope you had a Singapore Sling. Or two!

    Travel safe back to the Sandbox, Miss S.

  3. Heh, "real."

    I am a bit prejudiced, but then the first computer I worked on stood about five feet high by over twelve feet long and three feet deep. Oh, and it had twelve kilobytes (no, not giga [billion], twelve kilo [thousand]) of user-available memory. But then, that was 1964...

  4. Whoa! Singapore!

    And I must say that you are a genius to enjoy Mac...I feel its tough!

    When Will you post the pics?

  5. We are thrilled with our dry climate, here, now that we are home, Kat!

    Had one at Raffles - the famed hotel, DL. I'll post on it.

    Think those were called mainframes, weren't they John? My Dad worked with those as well. For whatever reason, laptops and I do not do well together. Must have a "real" computer. Don't however, need a dinosaur!

    I enjoyed the Mac versus the laptop, Bobby. Did not try to get too creative with it. Pictures are going up slowly. More when DH finally downloads from the "other" camera.


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