Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lovelle Mixon - Piece of Sh!t

As usual, late to the party, but...

Wanna make your blood boil? Watch this:

The man is solely responsible for the deaths of four brave police officers who left families and friends because he didn't want to go back to prison after violating his parole. His DNA provides positive proof that he raped a 12-year-old girl in January. Somewhere I read that he may have raped more than one young girl. [He was married.] Sounds like he had quite the background of crime, if you ask me, starting off as a juvenile delinquent and continuing until just recently, minus the six years he spent in prison. Psst. Here's a little tidbit of advice for anyone that aspires to be just like this POS: If you don't commit a crime then you won't have to worry about doing any time.

The YouTube video has probably already given the rest of those Oakland street thugs more than their deserved amount of attention. I did not read all 1,603 comments that have been left, but of the many that I did read - only a couple - just a couple - are supportive of the POS and his lifestyle. Yeah. He was trying so hard to be good and get a job and lead the life of a fine upstanding young man. Gimme a break.

Watch the video. I saw it at Nice Deb's place first, and then again at Moonbattery. Had to watch it twice. Just couldn't quite get over the sheer and utter gall!

It starts with a couple of Oakland street thugs accusations that the police "always wanna shoot somebody." Bullshit. Get real. I am not going to say that there are not a few bad police officers - there are, no doubt - but for the majority of them, they are fine men and women who are willing to do a dangerous job because they believe that what they are doing is right and they are willing to do it for far less pay than most of us would be willing to settle for. God bless them all - our officers in uniform. Not for one skinny minute do I believe that police officers "always wanna shoot somebody." Then another guy says, "We're here today to do no different than what you saw yesterday..." He's referring to the massive services that took place to honor the four MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD police officers and he has the audacity to compare THAT to honoring "a young brother who we felt symbolized the resistance of African people who are terrorized daily by the police force which are an occupying army in an African community."
He said what??? WHAT THE F_CK!?!

First of all - you are a long way off from any "African" community. You live in an "American" community. Your long-deceased relatives may have come from Africa, but that does not make you "African." My relatives came from Sweden and England; I don't refer to myself as a "Swedish-English-American." Just stop it. You can be a color if you so choose but you are NOT at this point, some five, six or seven generations later, an "African," unless of course you just arrived on the boat. Most of you didn't. You've been here a long time.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to why the police need to be in THEIR community to begin with? Any community, forget just their "African" community. Because there is trouble OR because they have been summoned. Police officers, as a general rule, really aren't out in their patrol cars looking to "shoot somebody."

The ridiculous march was to let people know that there is another side to the coin - that there's a voice out there. You're right and that voice is almost as sick, twisted and deranged as the POS who killed four police officers. The "narrator" says, "this is the voice of the slaves." What are you talking about? Slavery has been dead in America for more than 140 years. You want to see slavery? Move to the Middle East. You can have your chance, here. New slaves domestic workers are always needed. You want economic development? Get a job. You want social justice? Try assimilating.

His cousin says, "he was a real black man, not scared." What kind of drugs are YOU on lady?!! He was a low-life criminal who shot FOUR INNOCENT MEN. If that is a "real" black man [and I don't think he was one - a man, that is - black maybe, but not a man - face it he was a wuss!] then I'd hate to see what you consider to be the opposite of your hero cousin. And, if he wasn't scared, then what the heck was he doing hiding out in a closet in his sister's apartment with a gun.

There are a gazillion comments about this all over the web. Many are articulated in a much more apropos manner than what I have spouted out, here. Check out the comments at Debbie Schlussel's site, and Moonbattery's, and of course, the site of the renown Michelle Malkin. Flopping Aces has a nice post on the tribute of the four slain officers.

A little interesting to note that the video has been removed from YouTube, already. Didn't like the flavor of the comments, perhaps? The truth hurts.

[I can't get the link to work for the post at Moonbattery. As soon as I can "fix" it and get it working, I put it where it goes.]


  1. Well said. This was a lowlife scumbag who murdered 4 fine police officers. The video of their funerals was touching. His funeral was not.

  2. Thanks, Findalis. Thought maybe, at first, it was a little strong. Then came to my senses. Actually, my feelings about this are much, much stronger than what I've articulated.


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