Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rumor Running Rampant

Happens in a "small town community." Didn't see it in either of the papers. It happened while we were gone. Drug bust at a very small local airport... All arrested - how many? Depends on who you talk to. Between a small handful to twenty-one. Not a single man of the bunch was an ex-pat. How come it hasn't been reported?!? Supposedly they were all getting ready to board a plane to deliver their goods to friends at another small local airport. The authorities were tipped off and none of them got on the flight. Heh. Are they all still in jail? How big was this bust, anyway? Rumor has it that a few of them had more than just a little of the hard-pressed wacky smoke stuff for personal consumption. You know what that means, here. How come if it would have been a non-local it would be in both of our newspapers? Just curious. Inquiring minds want to know.

And, again, my thoughts race to justice in the States. Or non-justice as the case may be. Take a few lessons on how justice is served and punishments doled out in this part of the world. The United States is too chicken-shit of its own shadow to do anything but cater to the criminals. [And, that, by the way, includes those in the current administration - and a select handful of individuals who were in prior administrations, as well - who are raping the American public on a daily basis.] That POS that shot and killed three [four? did he die, the fourth, or is he still on life-support?] police officers in California would never have had the opportunity to pull such an atrocity if the United States had any balls and handled the justice system in a similar fashion as to how it is taken care of, here. Of course, the United States hasn't got any [balls, that is] at all, especially now that we have a president in training pants.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those brave officers' families.

The family of the POS that shot them? My thoughts are that your son enters a place that no one wants to go... The world is a much better place without him consuming the air and taking up the space meant for the rest of us.

A little more information than I had previously seen on the POS, here. [Thanks, Vermindust.] It will make your blood boil if you haven't already read it! But Michael Savage is spot on target and only confirms and validates what I've been saying, here, and for years prior:

"So once again we see what the lawyers, the street activists, and the ACLU have done to this country. In my opinion, they should be charged with accessory to murder. A society in which women can be raped, people can be carjacked, police officers can be murdered while leftists help those who do it cannot long endure. When the vultures of our country outnumber the lions, the country is in serious trouble. It doesn't matter whether they live on Wall Street or in East Oakland."

Tell it, Michael Savage. Amen, Brother!


  1. The forth cop was removed from life support once all his organs were schedualed. POS background here:

  2. Thanks Vermindust. I read enough about the POS to know he didn't want to go back to jail/prison for parole violation. Psst! POS: Don't commit a crime and you won't be in prison in the first place, asshole. His family says he was depressed. His family deserves some blame and some fault for raising him to be a thug. Not all of the blame and fault. But some. Just mho.

  3. Oooh a drug bust...wonder how that went down...I wonder if there will be queing in chop chop square before too long for the number of heads that will roll has to be a little more the usual if rumors are to be believed. They might need to bring in a relief head chopper...hmmm?

  4. It is all the talk on our compound, Coolred. I'm going to have to find out more details and talk to someone with some actual knowledge. Got part of it yesterday from one of DH's co-workers.


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