Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sri Mariamman Temple, and that's all.

I have been asking DH for two solid days to PLUHEEZE download all the pictures and the video off the "other" camera. I prodded him all day yesterday and as late as nine o'clock last night when he got home from golfing [he only played 18 holes in the afternoon and then 9 more later on for golf league last night]. Then, I started in again this morning. So many more important things for him to do. I am making a "smuggled in" pork roast for dinner. Told him a couple of hours ago he wasn't any getting dinner until the pictures were ON the computer. If I knew how to do it myself, it would already be done!

Earlier today he said he would do it after he washed the truck - it needed it - it sat outside in a parking lot at the Bahrain airport the entire time we were gone. [While we were gone I got a way cool bumper sticker that needs to be applied to a clean truck. Thank you very much, Doug! Look for a photo of that, here, too!] But, before he could wash the truck he had to wash his golf cart. Priorities, people. Priorities. Later on, while I was on the treadmill and he was trying to do his daily and ritual suduku [see? so many more important things to do!], I "gently" reminded him again...

So, a couple of hours ago, he fin
ally decided that I really, really was just going to keep nagging him and nagging him until he did it. After an hour of fighting with the computer he said, "Honey, I told Bob I would stop by his place around five... He's leaving for London at six o'clock tomorrow morning so I need to get over there." Blah, blah, blah. Apparently, we've had our "other" camera - the new "recording" one, for almost TWO YEARS and have NEVER downloaded anything onto the computer. The TV, yes. But not the computer. DH promised as he was walking out the door that he would do it after we go for our morning walk with The Kids tomorrow. Yes. I could probably do this myself. I, too, would have to start from scratch with the manual and the software and the connecty wire. That kind of thing just sends me into fits of anxiety and major frustration! I cook. I do laundry. I take care of The Kids. I pack and unpack bags. I do a lot of things. The computer crap is NOT my thing! [I'm really quite lucky I've been as good at this blogging thing as I have been. It's only taken me three or four years to get this far...]

This is the Sri Mariamman Temple in C

The pictures are awful. But, not really all my fault. First, it is going through its once every twelve years re-consecration "as per the Hindu tradition." Just our luck. So it was covered with scaffolding. I would like to think that when the "re-consecration" is completed it is going to be bright and colorful - it was not - actually, as far as color-wise, it was rather dull. And the poor cows need some brightening up, if you ask me. And the other reason the pictures are not of great quality is because the sun was shining in just the right way that I was having a difficult time - so I asked DH to snap them - and he thinks I am an absolute nut having to have pictures of "stuff" all the time - so he gave me a really difficult time about it. Something about, "What would you like me to do? Walk into traffic and take them from the middle of the street?" "Why, yes, Dear Husband, that is exactly what I would like you do to for me if it is going to get my pictures. Do you have a problem with that?"

The reason why I don't have photos of the inside of the temple is because they wanted us to take our shoes off and I had sandals with no socks on and there was no way I was taking my shoes off and walking over a floor where I can't see Lysol being sprayed there, first. Just can't and won't do it. Anywhere. Ever. [You should
see me at an airport! I have "footy" things just for this - the kind you wear when you go to an open-house to cover your feet so you don't trash the floors. Did I have those with me at the Temple? Of course not.]

One of the Temple's in Mauritius was just so much brighter and perkier. Is perky a word to use for a Temple? I think so. We were there two years ago and I asked the cab-driver, much to the dismay of my DH, if he would stop so I could
get a picture:

I will start, again, tomorrow morning over breakfast with my nagging plea for DH to get the rest of the photos on the computer. I have a bunch more on my camera, but they are personal and have DH or our friends in them and although our dear friends probably wouldn't mind if I posted their pictures if I asked, DH's picture will never be put on this blog. It is a promise I made to him when I started doing this. And, for as long as we are here in The Sandbox, DH's picture will not grace these posts. Ever. I'm quite sure he'd prefer that I wouldn't post pictures at all, but too late for that...

There is one more thing I can post from my camera. The rest will have to wait for the other camera. Give it time. I'm only allowed a certain amount of nagging in a twenty-four hour period. Don't think I didn't push that, today!


  1. I'm right with ya Sabra, did you see my post about my iPod and Corvette? It's classic, complete with pictures.


    You'll be happy to know there's a technical term for this "illness" that you and I suffer, we're called "tech-no-tards".

    "I don't know nuttin' 'bout no wires, connectors, do-hickys and what-nots"

  2. I read it after you posted it Janice - a month or so ago. And, I understood completely! But yours drained the battery - and at least you knew how to plug the Ipod in. I don't even have an Ipod. I just know it would add that much more complication to my life that I would not be able to handle... "Tech-no-tards" is good. I call it "technically challenged" and boy-oh-boy am I!

  3. so your pictures reminded me of Tiger Balm Gardens which i visited in Hong Kong as a kid...

    in looking them up to show a comparative picture, imagine my surprise to find that the 'Tiger Balm' brand was in Singapore, too!


  4. Unfortunately, ShyAsrai, my pictures don't do either of these Temples justice!

    I'll have to Google Tiger Balm Gardens - but don't recall any signs of Tiger Balm in Singapore...

  5. "technically challenged", LOL, you're putting a politically correct spin on our ailment, Sabra.

    Oh don't give me so much credit, my son set-up the whole iPod/iTunes system so all I had to do is ask Nick to plug it into the laptop when the iPod says it needs to be charged.

    I'm with you all the way, Nick doesn't do laundry, dishes or scrub the toilets. And by the same standards, I don't take out trash, pump gas or read thick instruction manuals. I'm a bit old fashioned in that respect.

    Can't wait to see your postcard, thank you so much. Will it have Saudi or Singapore postage? Nevermind, I want to be surprised!

  6. "I'm with you all the way, Nick doesn't do laundry, dishes or scrub the toilets. And by the same standards, I don't take out trash, pump gas or read thick instruction manuals. I'm a bit old fashioned in that respect." You and I have much in common, Janice!


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