Sunday, August 09, 2009


Setting in. Big time. We need something exciting to happen. On second thought... No. We don't, either.

News here? Same as the news in the States. Nothing worth reporting. Sick and tired of having the DNC [nancy pelosi, barbara boxer and their ilk] think that the outrage over the situation of Health Care is manufactured and not real. Wake up. Get a clue. And sick and tired of having the outrage blamed on the color of a man's skin. Personally? I got nothing from his teachable moment. But then, in my opinion, we can add the jeja to the list of professional race-baiters that the United States of America somehow got so blessed with. I wouldn't care if he was green and yellow striped - I would still hate him - even if he could turn water into "real" grape juice. Apparently he has effectively turned it into something though - lots and lots of people seem to be willing to drink it - kind of like a Jim Jones thing. Too bad it doesn't have something in it that would permanently take care of problems - then we wouldn't need to give health care to a group that can't afford it. Here's a thought? Get a job. Get off welfare. Quit blaming everyone else for your miserable existence. Survival of the fittest. I have ordered Michelle Malkin's newest book. I cannot wait to read it - won't have that opportunity for another six weeks or so. With all that I've heard about it - she was on The View [Michelle has more balls than most of our congressmen combined!] [oh - and by the way - The View is a show I would never even fathom watching - saw the YouTube clip of it with Michelle's appearance - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered], and she was on Mark Levin's radio show and on Fox... I'm guessing it won't be required reading for high-school students any time soon. They're still too busy struggling over the words to books like Sally has Two Mommies, or something like that. Indoctrination. Just part of the plan if you're going to be a good little grape juice guzzler. I digress...

A princess has had $19,000,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her hotel room in Sardinia. Anyone care to guess how it is that a princess amasses that kind of wealth? One word. Three letters. Has two vowels in it. Was there insurance on all of this? Any proof it was actually in her room in her safe? One short article without much information. Inside job, maybe? "You rob me and I'll split the proceeds?" Who knows? And who even cares?

Speaking of royalty. One of the richest men in the world, a prince here, has now had his "LBC" television station shut down. Of course he is also the same prince that said we should have movie theaters here, too, so I don't think he is all that well liked by some of his peers - the other prince's. That his television station is the one that broadcast the shennigans of Saudi's "Casanova" cannot have endeared him further to his peers. No doubt the shutting down of a television station to him - a man of such incredible wealth - is like one of us regular folks losing a $10.00 bill.

The girl that drowned a month or so ago? When she wandered into the water in a "No Swimming" area? Her father can't see that only SHE was responsible for her actions. He is suing. Well of course he is. No sense in taking the blame for something that you can hoist onto someone else. It is the mentality all over the world. When we first moved here, lawsuits were something you heard very, very little about. But now that so many "Western" ways have taken hold, here, it was only a matter of time before lawyers started advertising "1-800-IAM-HURT" hot-lines and filing frivolous lawsuits against municipalities for something that the municipality really had nothing to do with. Personal responsibility? That has never been part of the mindset, here. Now, with lawsuits being filed on a daily basis we are going to see even less personal responsibility. As if that is even possible! I rarely mention them, the lawsuits, because I so disagree with it. Both here and in the States - having worked as a paralegal for one of those "1-800-IAM-HURT" firms for many years... I saw the abuse. I sat in courtroom after courtroom with low-impact-rear-end accidents where the person claimed permanent injury. B.S. And don't even get me started on Workers' Comp! It is a complete and total farce - but of course - it is a government program, after all. Of the gazillion cases I dealt with only a very, very slight percentage had any merit - the rest were all people that just didn't want to have to work any more. The system is rife with abuses and liars. Care to guess the demographic? It was Durham, N.C. 'Nuff said. Why did I work there if I so disagree with the premise? Money. A lot more money to be made in a plaintiff's firm than there is in a defense firm. Until there is "tort reform" the system will never change. And because the Trial Lawyers' lobby is so massive and our government is so in-bed with them, that will never ever happen... I will admit to being giddy with glee watching John Edwards on his way down. He made all his $$$ at Kirby and Edwards - and I worked at a defense firm at the time which argued cases against his firm - suing doctors and hospitals for something as remote as a perceived wrong: That doctor gave me Tylenol instead of Excedrin and I now have permanent heartburn. That kind of thing. Thankfully I am retired and will never have to lower my standards to do something so vile. What's the joke about how you can tell if it was a deer or a lawyer that gets hit in the road by a car? Something like there are skid-marks in front of the deer. Again, I digress...

Has anyone seen Seven Pounds? DH and I watched it last night. We both like Will Smith but this is one of the slowest moving movies either of us have seen in a long time - and Will Smith, whose character demanded it, looked like he was on the verge of tears throughout the entire two-long hours. I am just so thankful that Duke doesn't die. Someone at our party a couple of weeks ago asked me if I'd seen it - it stars a Great Dane - so I automatically thought, oh great, another sad movie where the dog dies. Phew. Duke is just fine. It's only a movie... Oh - and I'm even more thankful that we didn't spend the money to go see the film in a theater. Just not that good. It happened to be on Showtime or I wouldn't have bothered with it. A couple of years ago when I was in the States I got talked into going and seeing "Eight Below." I cried for days afterward. Still don't want to think about that move. I'm glad I saw it, but still...

See? Did I mention that I'm bored? I have not left our compound in several weeks. Have no desire to do so - unless I am headed to the airport. And, after a while, here, you really, really need to get out and adjust your attitude. I've been in dire need of an attitude adjustment for a while, now... What is even worse is that I can promise you that my attitude is going to go from bad to horrible in less than two weeks.


  1. I'm in agreement with the desire for tort reform. And associated venue shopping. Twice in the last six years I had an opportunity to sue for falls, and might well have won, but did not - while the store and hospital (!) could have done more to prevent the problems my feeling was that, barring truly extreme circumstances, things such as slipping on ice in a parking lot are part of life. OTOH, I'll admit to a momentary temptation when I got a $900 bill for an ambulance ride!

    About the princess' stolen jewelry, I note that there were two other thefts of exactly the same sort - and all of the same hotel chain. So, stupid customers in all three cases: even if you are worth a billion or so, don't keep more than a couple of thousand in a hotel-room safe: at least use the primary hotel safe, or rent a safe-deposit box for a week. And inside job or not, the hotel bears fault: the safes were just glued in place! Not bolted/welded to anything! Plenty of stupidity all around...

  2. I'm not going to say that all lawsuits are without merit, John A. There have been a few that I've been involved with that were truly warranted. Many of them, however... And all they do is clog up the court systems so that cases - criminal - that should be brought before a judge are left waiting in the wings. I was appalled at the way the judicial system in N.C. works when I first started working there [and I've worked in N.H., Fla., Mass. & Conn. courts]. You can "judge shop" and do so many other things to stifle the system. It was truly an eye-opener to me. When I suggested to one of the lawyers I was working for when I first got there that I was going to write a letter to the editor about what I saw happening, he said, "Not if you want to work here, you won't."

    As to the stolen jewelry? $19,000,000? I'm calling B.S. Several hundred thousand maybe, but only an idiot would leave $19,000,000 of jewels in a safe. But then, there is never a shortage of stupidity, is there? I do agree with you though - with two other thefts of exactly the same sort...

  3. My count gets to 85 Three-letter words in which there are Two vowels. "Ego" is the closest I can get to an appropriate fit.

  4. 85? Can you list all of them? "Ego" was good. That would work. "Oil" was what I was looking for though, Mine Host. 85? You don't say...

  5. Actually i was guessing the word was "LIE", in that no one has that much in their jewelry case when traveling.

  6. Excellent, vd! As always...


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